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  • Large Colorful Art in Neutral Living Room

    Contemporary painter and artist Linda Paul presents The Road Less Traveled original acrylic painting (48 x 36) with 3 matching abstract artworks (each 12" x 36").
    Artists Inspirations: I love metaphors and this painting is full of them, from the obvious easy downhill road vs. the uphill steep one, to the more subtle metaphors depicted purely through color and line. I created these paintings using many layers of acrylic paint in a criss crossing pattern. Each layer is allowed to completely dry before the next is applied. Blending occurs with the eye at a distance. They have great texture. The sides of the canvases are painted the same as the front. I call this my chunky style, you could also call it abstract pointillism.
    More info and buy online at http://lindapaul.com/contemporary_painter_art_paintings.htm. By artist Linda Paul
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