Atlanta Concrete ArtisansAtlanta Concrete Artisansimagemy_GOOD2.php?nm=Users/1860595086logo.png&mwidth=289&mheight=143 400 West Peachtree Street NW Suite #4-1085, Atlanta, GA, 30308Resurfacing, Refinishing & Repair Expert You invested on concrete floors at one point in your life. While it is a durable material, it can get old and damaged. Restoring it back to a functional and appealing state is something not to be taken lightly. So, why should you hire just anyone to do it? Here is who we are and why you could trust us: We have over 20 years of professional experience in the concrete industry. Our company is licensed, insured, and bonded. We would be more than happy to answer your queries, discuss your ideas, and address whatever concern you may have. Pre-hire, we offer free consultations and quotations right in the comfort of your homes. We have had successful projects recently and in the past and if you want to check our portfolio and reviews, you are welcome to do so. We partner only with top-ranking suppliers who provide nothing but the best in resurfacing and refinishing equipment and materials at a reasonable price. Our team is comprised of hard-working individuals who are passionate about what we do and the people we do it for. Each member of our staff has a minimum of 10 years experience in the industry so you can rest assured that they possess great skill and expertise. We make sure that each and every team member are aware of keeping the work site safe and as less invasive to the customer as it possibly can. Decorative Concrete Consultation & Evaluation for FREE It can be quite a challenge having to plan a remodeling project. Imagine the different concrete coatings in Atlanta you have to choose from, what color and pattern would look best and more. This is why we offer free in-home consultations. It helps customers acquire the information they need to make sound decisions. After a customer calls to inquire, we schedule the consultation. During the visit to the customer’s home, we also evaluate the surface that needs to be repaired or updated. We measure the area to help come up with a quotation because the slab is priced per square foot. Please feel free to ask us anything or throw some ideas during the consultation. Call us or send us an email if you want an in-home consultation. One of our staff will immediately schedule it a time that is most convenient for you. Top-quality Concrete Coatings & Overlays In the past, if a concrete surface is damaged and weak, the one and only option to make it functional and appealing once again is to replace the whole slab and rebuilding a new one. Expensive? Yes. Time-consuming? Very. It is good to know that are more affordable options available nowadays, such as: Stamped Concrete Overlay – Often used for outdoor surfaces like concrete patios, driveways, or pool decks, this overlay is a great alternative to expensive materials. It can be stamped and stained to look like a lot of different paving materials like natural stone, brick, tile, and more. Stained Concrete – If your concrete is still in pretty good condition and just needs to be updated with a new look, then concrete staining is an ideal solution. This can also be used as an additional enhancement to other coatings and overlays. Spray Texture – Also known as a spray knock down finish, this coating features a textured surface that is more slip-resistant than other paving materials, making it an ideal coating for concrete pool deck resurfacing. Epoxy Flooring – A mix of resin and hardener, epoxy coating is a highly recommended material for hard-working surfaces like the garage floor. It is resistant to impact, chemical spills, abrasion, and many other damages common to floors. Polyurea Polyaspartic Coating – This 1-day-install coating is a quick but super durable solution for urgent projects. Ideal for garage floors, commercial flooring, as well as industrial surfaces like in warehouses, hangars, and the like. Economical Concrete Solutions There are many ways how decorative concrete is a lot more economical than other flooring or paving methods. One is that material costs less because it only makes use of a thin layer of coating or overlay. Labor cost is also more affordable because the work is less difficult and complicated than that of a complete slab removal. It takes less time to complete a decorative resurfacing or refinishing so business establishments need not halt their operation for a long time. Costs are highly influenced by total surface area, type of material, patterns, colors, custom add-ons, and additional repairs. Tailored Services, Tailored Concrete Surfaces We aim to surpass a customer’s expectation every single time. As we sit down with a customer during a consultation, we make sure that we listen to all their ideas, wants, and needs. This way, we can make sure that the solutions we provide are those that would satisfy them in every aspect. Please do not be intimidated by our experience and expertise. We encourage you to share your ideas and concerns. We want you to be an active collaborator in the planning and installation process. We want this to be a good experience for you as much as it would for us. Interested? We are just a call away. Call (678) 534-3930 today. It is common for companies to promote their business and say good things about their work. But we at Atlanta Concrete Artisans want to do something more than that. We want to prove it. We take pride in our skills, expertise, and great attention to detail. We treat each concrete surface as our own, putting as much love and care into the installation process to produce results that would make your lives easier and happier. Excited about decorative concrete? So are we. Call us or send us an email and let’s get your dream project started.(678)534-3930
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Atlanta Concrete Artisans

Resurfacing, Refinishing & Repair Expert
You invested on concrete floors at one point in your life. While it is a durable material, it can get old and damaged. Restoring it back to a functional and appealing state is something not to be taken lightly. So, why should you hire just anyone to do it? Here is who we are and why  Read More

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