Distinctive Living
Targeted Direct Mail Catalogs
The one program, that combines targeted direct mail,
editorial support with online content marketing and social
media that goes way beyond print and web.

Content print and web marketing
designed for Branding and Response

Distinctive Living combines editorial content strategically structured to motivate readers to buy products and services - YOURS!

We maximize the impact of our targeted direct mail publications by placing them in the hands of the highest volume of peak consumers possible at the best times of year. Our precise, waste-free distribution ensures higher margins and better closing rates for our clients and makes our program the lowest cost-per-sale in the business.

Specifically Targeted Demographics

Every Reader Is A Homeowner Specifically Selected For Need And Purchasing Ability
Our lists are compiled directly from property tax records, targeting homeowners with top valued homes, then filtered for peak spending ability, need, top incomes, and low debt ratios. The result is a marketing program that reaches only peak consumers and produces the lowest cost per sale.

How We Select Addresses For Our Mailings:
To ensure our list includes only quality recipients with peak spending ability, we compile our list from local tax records. We then compare our results to other data sources and select only homeowners with favorable income, need and debt characteristics. Because we compile by tax records, new-home and recent move-in data is included long before it can be found in postal records. We address our readers by name, and constantly update our list to provide our clients with the latest, most accurate data.

Upscale Audience
Circulation: 990,000+

Readership: 1,980,000 Prime Adults

Median Age: 43.5

Median Household Income: $262,000 (some regions higher)

Median Home Value: $810,000 (some regions higher)

Households with Two Peak-Consuming Adults: 97.8%
Where We Cover

Whether your target market area is relatively local or expands across a much larger region, Distinctive Living has you covered, by giving you the flexibility to select only the consumers who will help your business.

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New York

Long island
Long Island New York Edition (LIL)
Nassau and Suffolk Counties, New York


Delaware Valley
Western Suburbs Edition (DVW)
Chester, Delaware, Counties, and
The Main Line Pennsylvania; Northern
New Castle County, Delaware

Delaware Valley
Northern Suburbs Edition (DVN)
Bucks, Montgomery, Eastern Berks,
and Lower Lehigh Counties, Pennsylvania

New Jersey

New Jersey
Western New Jersey Edition (JLW)
Mercer, Hunterdon, Somerset, Lower
Morris, and Lower Warren Counties, New Jersey

New Jersey
Northern New Jersey Edition (JLN)
Bergen, Essex, Upper Morris, Union, Passaic,
Hudson, and Eastern Sussex Counties, New Jersey

New Jersey
Central New Jersey Edition (JLC)
Monmouth, Ocean, Northern Burlington, and
Lower Middlesex Counties, New Jersey


Florida Gulf Coast Edition (FLG)
Lee, Collier & Charlotte Counties

Florida East Coast Edition (FLE) COMING SOON!
Miami-Dade & Broward Counties

Florida Sarasota Edition (FLS) COMING SOON!
Sarasota, Charlotte & Manatee Counties

Florida Tampa Edition (FLT) COMING SOON!
Hillsborough & Pinellas Counties

Florida West Palm Edition (FLP) COMING SOON!
Northern Broward & Palm Beach County

360° Marketing

Distinctive Living target direct mail provides solutions reduce your marketing costs by focusing on a 360° marketing campaign by reaching your target audience in sufficient numbers and combining your direct mail efforts with an expanded footprint on HomeAndGardenDesignIdeas.com will help you:

Improve Your Search Ranking

Home & Garden Design Ideas is built to dominate searches for valuable keywords and your portfolio on Home & Garden Design Ideas will often rank higher than your own website across may search engines.

Increase Your Online Traffic and Get Immediate Response

Enjoy direct response from targeted direct mail and drive online traffic back to your own website.

Stand Out from the Rest

Beautiful photos of your work and helpful, instructional videos catch the eyes of potential clients. Our site offers a visual search database for your images, blog posts to show your expertise, and project books that demonstrate your process. It helps to brand your business and increase your sales. Expand on your direct mail presence with beautiful photos.

Connect with Local Homeowners

Communicate directly with local homeowners while they are planning their next home project.

Pour Your Images into Social Media

Our team will promote your images through social media and other relevant sites. This helps improve your search rankings
and drives traffic back to you.


Our Results Speak for Themselves
  • I'm glad we are using Distinctive Living. We had been using one of those Design magazines, and found their circulation way too small, and that they were reaching very few quality prospects. Particular in this economy, it is vital that I reach every possible affluent homeowner - Distinctive Living does that, and proves it!
    —M.T. Tode The Artistry of Landscape
  • ...50-60% of our business comes directly from your ad and article in Distinctive Living...
    extremely pleased with the results. Feel free to quote this statistic.
  • For eight years now we have been advertising with Distinctive Licing. And for eight years I have seen results, it's the only publication that we get calls from customers the day the book goes out and continues to do so weeks after, In five years the book has never not paid for itself.
    —TV, Authorized Distributor Phantom Screens
  • I am very proud to have many company included as one of the quality services offered in Distinctive Living. Now 8 years running, we have made believers of hundreads of their readers.
    —Bob Sidoti, Bob Sidoti Floors
  • He asked me how business was doing and I said, "Great now that my ads with Distinctive Living are starting to connect".
    I really like the consumer friendly articles on topic, such as conserving water, kitchen, cleaning, gardening, and general household advice. Very Smart.
    —Denis, Fiber Clean
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