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  • Who is Donna Frasca?It's always good to know a little about the person you're about to hire and invite into your home. Here's a little bio about myself. I've worked long and hard to be where I am today and I am an Expert in my field. Come read!

    My name is Donna Frasca and I'm an Interior Designer/Color Expert who is highly specialized in choosing color palettes for luxury homes, sub specializing in homes that have open floor plans. I am the owner of Decorating by Donna, which is my company that specializes in JUST color. Featured in Charlotte Style Magazine, the 42nd Annual Color Forecast Issue of Paint & Decorating Retailer Magazine and enLIGHTenment Magazine, you can read about some of my Color Palettes and see what I have to say about color trends and forecasting. With an extensive career in Graphics and Interior Decorating and Design, I am highly trained to make sure the right colors go into your home. If you live in Charlotte North Carolina, particularly South Charlotte, I would love to design a color scheme for you!


    Knowing I was destined for the Interior Design field, I accomplished a degree in Interior Decorating and Design, with honors. From the leanings of art, furniture, how to choose the right fabric for it’s application to the not so fun but oh so important aspect of calculating rolls of wallpaper and even figuring out how many porcelain tiles are needed for a kitchen floor or backsplash. These are just some of the wonders of Interior Decorating and Design and I loved it.

    My design career included working as a Ceramic Decorator, Graphic Designer for several Long Island newspapers, Color Matcher for a wallpaper New York company and then progressed into an official Interior Designer for several Interior Design firms in New York and Pennsylvania. It wasn’t until I worked in the R&D department of a wallpaper design company in New York that I knew I had to pinpoint my career specifically to color. A Color Specialist was born!

    Throughout my 20 years of field experience I became an expert in color. “I’ve noticed that there is a huge niche for just choosing color for inside homes, particularly homes that have an open floor plan.” It’s quite an undertaking to be able to design a complete color scheme for a large home. The colors have to flow from one room to another otherwise your home can look like a patchwork quilt.

    I have a degree in Interior Decorating and Design and also a Certified Color Specialist, I primarily design interior and exterior color palettes for your home.

    What if you need:

    granite color for your kitchen or bath or
    paint color
    lighting fixtures
    area rugs
    wood flooring
    furniture stains
    hardware choices
    If you need ANYTHING that has to do with color - I can help you with that! Isn't nice to know that there is somebody that can help you with JUST your color choices?

    So if you need a full color palette for your home, I'm the Color Expert for you!


    STIR Magazine June 2013
    Union County Weekly, 2008
    Charlotte Style Magazine - 25 Most Stylish Issue, 2010
    EnLIGHTenment Magazine, Volume 2, October Issue, 2011
    Paint & Decorating Retailer, June 2011, June 2012
    STIR Magazine - June 2013

    Accreditation's / Affiliations

    Degree: Interior Decorating and Design, NY
    Angie's List
    BBB - prior member
    Color For Your Home Certification
    CDCP - Community Design Center of Pittsburgh, PA
    PID - Partners in Design
    MDC - Marforth Design Center, Pittsburgh, PA
    Prior participant on Better Business Bureau
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