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  • SunroomSunrooms are a beautiful addition for any home. But not all Sunrooms are created equal. A pre-fabricated Sunroom can not only look like an after thought, but more importantly can turn into a long term problem. Most Sunrooms are not engineered for the North East climate. The North East climate is very harsh on Sunrooms, because of the drastic temperature changes, heavy ran and snow fall. This makes a pre-fabricated Sunroom susceptible to heavy snow loads, air, bug and water infiltration, weathering and oxidation. That’s why a Betterliving Sunroom is engineered for a North East climate. At Betterliving we manufacture every component of the Betterliving Sunroom. It is custom engineered, with each component designed to operate as one complete system. That’s why we guarantee the Betterliving Sunroom will be air tight, bug tight and water tight. And that it will out perform any other Sunroom on the market; guaranteed. This is the reason the Betterliving Sunroom is backed by a Product and Workmanship Warranty that is unequalled in the industry today.
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