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  • Mosaic / shaped ceramic tile koi streamThis 10' long, 1' wide koi stream consists of teal-toned waters and a waterfall. It flows across the clients, concrete patio and dumps into a real lily pond.

    What a fabulous water feature that virtually requires no maintenance. No need for feeding or clean up.

    If you are creating a new landscape, consider a "dry lily pond." You'll be glad you did!

    TIP #1: Never install ceramic tiles on a concrete pad where you will be shoveling snow. When the shovel is pushed, it will hit the edges of your tiles and chip them, causing permanent damage.

    TIP #2; When installing ceramic tiles outside, I like to seal, not only the concrete and grout, but also my tiles. This will insure that pesty microscopic molds don't work their way through any tiny cracks.
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