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  • Koi waterfall mosaic tile wallThis is one of my favorite fountains that I have created. It was actually a replacement for the customer. She had purchased a hand-painted mosaic that was done on low-fire, 4x4 tiles that when put together created a lovely koi pond. Unfortunately, they were not suitable for a wet area.

    TIP: Always check when you are purchasing tile for a "wet" application that the tiles are fully vitrified. This means they have a low-porosity; they absorb very little water.

    Most vitrified tiles are high-fire tiles. Square high-fire tiles are usually a porcelain-base. Square tiles are very difficult to "hand-make" because wet clays are used during the process. Manufactured porcelain tiles are a dry-process. Machines pound dry clay into molds under tremendous pressure. This virtually eliminates any warping and skewing during their firings.
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