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  • A Fleur de Lis Kitchen backsplash Stunnerfrom Linda Paul Studio comes this 5 Fleur de Lis Kitchen Backsplash Tile Mosaic Medallion

    Beautiful mosaic tile medallion backsplash with 5 fleur de lis, studded liners and gorgeous mosaic blend tiles. The stones are cut to fit around all the metal pieces. The medallion comes mounted on a mesh backing. Just glue to the wall and grout. Or buy just the center accent and border and make your own, or your can even send us your mosaic blend tiles and we make the entire thing for you. made in USA! choose from any of our 19 metal finishes. buy at http://www.lindapaul.com/5-fleur-de-lis-backsplash-medallion-mosaic-metal.htm
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