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    Flaunt your products to potential clients that are in the process of purchasing items for their next home remodeling project.

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    Easily move your product photos from your website to your profile on Home & Garden Design Ideas with the Peg Tool.

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    Introduce your e-commerce site to our community on Home & Garden Design Ideas to build your credibility and brand.

Increase Your Sales

Market your products to the community on Home & Garden Design Ideas while they are actively in the consideration process and visually searching for decor and remodeling ideas for their home.

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Discover Your Audience

Consumers browse photo ideas of home remodeling and design ideas on our visual search platform. Showcase your products and introduce your e-commerce to the community on Home & Garden Design Ideas.

Increase Your Exposure

Your profile on Home & Garden Design Ideas will often rank higher than your own e-commerce website across many search engines. Home & Garden Design Ideas dominates many valuable, home-centric keywords that will ultimately boost your ranking.

Boost Your Online Traffic

Let us drive quality traffic back to your own e-commerce site for the final purchase.

Fast & Easy

Move photos of your products from your e-commerce site to your profile on Home & Garden Design Ideas in a matter of minutes with the Peg Tool.

Increase Your Organic Search Results

Use Home & Garden Design Ideas to build your image portfolio to increase the footprint of your products. Search engines take notice when you add quality content to the internet, and your own e-commerce site will see higher results with your content shared on Home & Garden Design Ideas.

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The photos of your newest product line already live on your e-Commerce site. Pegging these products to Home & Garden Design ideas puts your business in front of potential consumers and drives them back to your site for the purchase.

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The community on Home & Garden Design Ideas can easily find your e-Commerce site by searching by categories you associate with your business, regardless of region.

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Home & Garden Design Ideas allows users to find exactly what they're looking for. Your images will be available right away to potential clients looking for you.

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Customized Profile

Continue to brand your e-commerce site with a customized profile on Home & Garden Design Ideas. Add photos, videos, logos and banners to match your overall brand.

Activity Feed

See who has been interacting with your content on Home & Garden Design Ideas and interact directly from one spot, your activity feed.

Showcase Your Awards

Add award and membership association badges to your profile on Home & Garden Design Ideas to build credibility with our community.

Daily Updates

New photos and videos are adding to Home & Garden Design Ideas regularly. There is always fresh content.

Active Online Merchants Rewarded

The more photos of products added to Home & Garden Design Ideas, the more your e-Commerce website is moved to the top of the listing for our community to see first.

Easily View Stats

As soon as you sign in, you can view the overall stats of your profile. You can also view the stats of each album and photo you add to Home & Garden Design Ideas.

Social Media Made Simple

Share your products easily with all social media outlets. Sharing your products will ultimately drive more consumers to your e-commerce site.

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