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    Potential consumers are building idea albums right now. Let them include your products as part of the plan for their next home project.

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    Quick & Simple

    Move your merchandise and products easily from your site to Home & Garden Design Ideas with the Peg Tool. Each photo will link directly back to your portfolio or your website.

  • Boost Online Presence

    Introduce your franchise or dealer network to the community on Home & Garden Design Ideas by add images and videos of your brand and products.

Achieve Business Growth

Market your services to homeowners while they are planning their next home project.

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Build Product Awareness

Show potential clients your entire product line. This will drive traffic back to your website and build your SEO footprint. Communicate to our community the best way to purchase your products.

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Build your Organic Traffic

Increase the distance of your content by using Home & Garden Design Ideas to build your image portfolio. Search engines take notice when you add quality content to the internet. Your profile on Home & Garden Design Ideas will often rank higher than your own website because Home & Garden Design Ideas dominated many home-centric keywords.

Your Product.
Your Site

Your product line lives on your site already, pegging it onto Home & Garden Design Ideas can put it in front of our community, your potential customers, then drive them directly back to your website.

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Your Brand on Our Site

Home & Garden Design Idea allows you to add images, logos, videos, and banners to customize your profile to be consistent with your current brand.

Your Business
Featured by Category

Anytime a user search for a professional, your business will be listed based on the category selected, regardless of the zip code that is entered.

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Features for You

Customized Profile

Showcase your business’ brand by adding your own logo, banner, images, and videos to your profile on Home & Garden Design Ideas.

Activity Feed

See who has been commenting, liking, and viewing your content.

Easy Interaction

Easily reply to comments on your photos directly from your activity feed.

Add Awards

Showcase the awards and membership associations on your profile to build your credibility with the community on Home & Garden Design Ideas.

Always Updating

New photos are adding to the top of Home & Garden Design Ideas on a regular basis. Any photos your business adds will also be at the top for the community to see right away.

Simplified Social Media

Share your photos across all the social media platforms easily on Home & Garden Design Ideas. Each photo has its own social sharing abilities.

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