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Are you a professional contractor or service provider with a portfolio to share ideas with potential clients for their next home project? Learn more about how to build your prospective client list with us here.

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Are you running a national e‑commerce business online? Get connected with our visual search engine, drive traffic to your site, and create further awareness of your product line here.


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Why Home and Garden Design Ideas?

  • Increase Your Business Traffic

    Connect with potential clients who are actively seeking your professional expertise.

  • Gain more exposure

    Through building the footprint of your images with our visual search tools, help potential clients turn ideas into reality.

  • Interact

    Assist potential clients by answering any questions they may have as they view your photos through our visual search engine.

Demo Portfolio

Explore a demo portfolio on our site, and see how a potential client easily can browse your product line, and complete a purchase from your site.

Demo Portfolio


Achieve Business Growth

Market your expertise and services to homeowners while they are planning their next home project.

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  • Target Your Market

    Consumers are using Home & Garden Design Ideas to browse and share photos of home remodeling and design ideas. Soon, they will be looking for a professional to bring their ideas to life. Introducing your business at this critical moment is important and we make it easy.

  • Increase Your Organic Search Visibility

    Your portfolio on Home & Garden Design Ideas will dominate searches for valuable keywords and will often rank higher than your own website across all search engines.

  • Drive Traffic

    Enjoy direct leads from Home & Garden Design Ideas. Receive calls and/or emails to your office online and traffic back to your own website.

  • Make Your Content Stand Out

    Displaying photos and videos of your work is the best way to introduce your business. It helps to brand your business and increase sales.

  • Fast & Simple

    Easily move your photos from your existing site to Home & Garden Design Ideas with our Peg Tool, to build your portfolio.

Online Merchants

Connect your products to our community.

Connect your e-commerce site with our visual search community. Drive traffic to your website. Engage consumers while they are actively in the consideration process and visually searching for decor and remodeling ideas.

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Increase Search Effectiveness

increase your store's organic search results. We will increase your search visibility and often your presence on Home & Gargen Design Ideas will appear before your site's listing on search engines.

Social & Community Presence

Enhance and increase your social media on all sites, without having to maintain numerous accounts. Home & Garden Design Ideas will push your content further out to social media outlets. Use our peg tool to easily add products that link back to your site for the final purchase.


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Build Product Awareness

Show potential clients your entire product line, get them to your website, and build your SEO footprint.

Drive traffic to your website. Engage consumers while they are actively in the consideration process and visually searching for decor and remodeling ideas. Educate consumers and professionals on your products and communicate the best way to purchase them.

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