Valentine's Day Wreaths We Love

These wreaths are full of beautiful decor ideas that can spice up your home this Valentine's Day.
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Valentine's Day Wreaths We Love

Seasonal & Holiday | Mikaila Cordeau

These wreaths are full of beautiful decor ideas that can spice up your home this Valentine's Day.

There are some Do It Yourself ideas and there are some you can buy already made. These are just a few ideas to get you and your loved ones in the mood for the most romantic time of year.


1. A Dozen Roses

This very romantic idea is a classic that is sure to add elegance to any home.


2. Berry Much in Love 

This can be a DIY made with leftover Christmas decor cranberries. This can also be bought pre-made to avoid any hassle.  


3. En-Twined

This is a simple DIY idea that is so elegant and adds just a touch of holiday decor.


4. Cookie Cutter Love

This is a quick DIY idea that is perfect for last minute decor. It also super creative and will definitely impress guests.


5. Branch of Love

This idea is a simple DIY that can be accomplished with a visit to your local craft store.


6. 2-D Hearts

This cute idea is easy and super adorable. 


7. Bouquet of Love

This idea is for those of you that just want a quick and simple holiday addition to add, but do not want be overwhelmed and do not want to be super festive. You can also use roses or fake flowers.


8. Sew in Love

This elegant idea is very unique because it is not your typical red and pink color scheme. This idea is great for those that are looking for new Valentine ideas.

9. My Cupcake

This wreath will surprise anyone. The results are elegant and you would never guess that it is made out of cupcake liners because it looks so elegant.


10. Tulle Death Do Us Part

This has a couples cute ideas. You add your initials in the middle of the wreath! You can copy this idea to any other wreath you choose to do.  


11. Burlapped in Love

Burlap is trending right now and can be added to about anything to give it a rustic feel, so of course you can add it to your holiday decor!


12. Felt the Love

We personally LOVE this idea and this is our favorite. The felt really looks like the texture of roses. This idea is simple elegance.


13. You will Never be a T-issue

This idea is another simply elegant one, but it has a fun edge. It can be done in red or pink, and is a really cute minimal Valentine's Day decor add on.  


14. Candied Love

This is a deliciously cute idea that will make everyone swoon. This is full of heart (pun intended) and will have tons of lovely messages that everyone can appreciate.

We hope all these wreath ideas bring you much happiness during this lovely time of year. Remember to spread the love and ideas to your friends and family!


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