How to Set an Elegant Holiday Table This Season

This holiday season, why not set a table that is dressed to impress?
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How to Set an Elegant Holiday Table This Season

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This holiday season, why not set a table that is dressed to impress?

Personally, I think the feeling one gets when entering the dining room is much more important than which fork goes where. Promoting a festive atmosphere in the dining room, with very little fuss, isn’t as difficult as it might seems. You don’t need to spend hours on Pinterest or hundreds of dollars on “stuff” to create an elegant table. Just follow a few of these ideas.

Create a Desert Table

Use your sideboard or set up a small separate table just for deserts. You can choose a theme, such as “Pumpkin Everything” or be inspired by the classic Venetian desert table. The look is elegant and practical. 

Customize the Napkins

Paper cocktail napkins are inexpensive and plentiful. Upgrade them with this trick. Make your own stamped napkins. Choose one or several elegant rubber stamps and your choice of ink (black ink on white napkins is very nice). To get a clean look, press the stamp lightly into the ink before applying it to the napkin. 

Quick Centerpiece Ideas

Use what you already have on hand to create a quick centerpiece. For example, over turn wine glasses and tuck a bit of holly, evergreens, cranberries, raffia or something that fits your theme. Place small votive candles or tea lights on the upturned bases. 

Dress the Chairs

When chairs are dressed for the occasion, the table will look formal. Use standard chair covers, or get creative with unusual ideas, such as angel wings or silk threaded ribbon.

Use Elegant Materials

White, silver, and glass are all associated with elegance. Incorporate these colors and materials into your holiday table for an upscale look. You won’t regret it. You can let these pieces stand alone or pair them with ice blue or classic red pieces. 

Chic Place Mats to Surprise

Create unique and chic placemats using textured wall paper. Choose white on white or cream on cream for the best look. You can cut the paper to size, craft as many placemats and you like, and have an element of distinctive style that will surprise your guests, but only if you choose to tell them. 

Add Some Couture

Take a cure from current designer fashion to dress your table. Mother of pearl napkin rings, vintage place card holders and other antique store finds can mimic the current trends for fashion couture.


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