How to Control Christmas Clutter: Three Top Home Writers Share Their Secrets
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How to Control Christmas Clutter: Three Top Home Writers Share Their Secrets

Seasonal & Holiday | Mary Ann Romans

Christmas spill over is all too common in our homes. There is a lot going on, from gift wrapping, to parties to tree decorating. Things scatter, things tumble, and things are left out all over the floor. It is going to happen. Sometimes you don’t even see the chaos until it shows up in a family photo.

Thankfully, there are some smart home writers who have learned how to get it all under control. Use their wisdom and experience to control the Christmas clutter and get back to enjoying the holiday season. 

Cynthia Ewer, of Organized Christmas, recommends creating an under the tree storage box that is wrapped just like a present, so it blends in to your decorations, while storing those extra light bulbs, tree hooks and other things that just don’t have a place. “When closed, it looks like just another gift. Inside, it holds everything you need to trim the tree, deck the halls and keep the lights shining bright,” she says.

Jennifer Ford Berry, a professional organizer and author of “Organize Now!” tells clients that the easiest time to reduce the decorations, and therefore reduce the clutter is to go through everything when they first take out their holiday storage bins. “"When you pull something out of the bin, keep only what you actually love," she says. "If you don't love it, get rid of it right now. Donate it or throw it away."

Nicole Anzia, of The Washington Post, says that the constant stream of holiday catalogues and paper solicitations can be overwhelming. She advises attacking the stack of catalogues as they come in. “Recycle as many as possible and set aside only those that you know you will look through. Many people are nostalgic about holiday catalogues and find them difficult to discard, but try not to get too attached. Many retailers send almost the same catalogue each week, and you can always find what you need online.” 


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