Gold and Black Christmas Decor

This year, gold and black are on the rise as the next color duo to take over the holiday season.
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Gold and Black Christmas Decor

Seasonal & Holiday | BrianaCarcione

This year, gold and black are on the rise as the next color duo to take over the holiday season.

Many people believe that red and green is the go-to for Christmas decor. This simple color combination is subtle and classic, and there are many ways to incorporate it in your holiday home decor.

Using gold and black for holiday place settings are a gorgeous alternative to the typical red, green and white display you might be familiar with. The display pictured shows black plates with gold trim. A bow is added on the napkin, which ties the look together. Red is still incorporated in this look through the floral centerpieces.

This color combination is simple, so adding some pops of color is not too much, sometimes it’s the finishing touch.

Other ways you can bring gold and black into your holiday decor are through handmade ornaments. Taking black globe ornaments and adding different patterns of gold glitter can make unique ornaments to add to your tree. Using these ornaments together can also create a beautiful wreath for your front door or above your mantle.  

Along with Christmas tree ornaments, you can also incorporate the gold and black duo in gift wrap. Black wrapping paper with gold bows will make the presents under your tree look classic and organized. You can also use patterns such as polka dots or damask using the same two colors as well. Sugar Paper for Target has a line of wrapping papers that feature gold and black patterns.

To make a bold statement with this trend utilize your Christmas tree. Ombre Christmas trees are on the rise, and there are two ways to combine these two trends. The first is to use gold and black ornaments and ombre one color into the other color. Another way is to purchase an ombre tree. With an ombre tree, the branches are dyed, so the traditional natural green tree is gone. The tree starts out black on top, and fades into gold. Due to this type of tree being a statement piece on its own, simple ornaments are encouraged.


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