7 Ways to Make Your Living Room Look Expensive

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7 Ways to Make Your Living Room Look Expensive

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Small changes can transform your living room design from the “lived in look” to pure luxury. Impress your guests and yourself with an expensive looking living room without the showroom price.

1. Paint your living room a light and bright color. Using a lighter color on the walls will make the space seem larger, and the reflective quality of light paint hides dings, scratches and imperfections, instantly upgrading the space.

2. Install trim work and crown molding to create architectural features that make a strong visual impression for a living room that is definitely upscale.

3. Add artwork to transform the interior decor. Blank walls or outdated artwork makes a room look poor. Invest in some new pieces or DIY art on your own.

4. Change out the window treatments. Dress up your windows, and you dress up your living room. To save money customize ready made curtain panels. Learn how.

5. Hide the clutter. Look at your living room with new eyes. What stands out? If it is the clutter in the room, then get to work eliminating or hiding it. Add a few storage pieces that can double as furniture, such as a lidded ottoman or a table with hidden storage.

6. Update your furniture. If you don’t have the budget to replace old furniture, just give it an update. New paint, new upholstery or new hardware can transform the existing look into one that looks like it cost a lot more.

7. Rearrange the floor plan. Try a different lay out of your furniture or swap in pieces from another room. Create zones even in the smallest of living rooms, to give a better flow. This will make your living room look professionally styled instead of just pieced together.

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