Top Ten Sneaky Kitchen Storage Spots

Shhh. Just when you thought you had to live with a cluttered kitchen...We have some sneaky kitchen storage spots to share.
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Top Ten Sneaky Kitchen Storage Spots

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Shhh. Just when you thought you had to live with a cluttered kitchen...We have some sneaky kitchen storage spots to share.

The Sides of Cabinets: There are plenty of things that can be stored on the sides of cabinets, from cleaning supplies on the side of an upper cabinet near the sink, to a magazine rack on the side of a lower cabinet to store cooking magazines and books. Small attached shelves can hold baskets, which in turn can hold a number of small things. 

On the Backsplash: Install a shelf on your backsplash to hold everything from dishes to salt and pepper shakers. Make sure you mount the shelf high enough to allow small appliances, such as the coffee maker, to sit comfortably underneath.

In a Shoe Holder: A plastic shoe holder hung on the inside of a pantry door can store and organize small snacks, freeing up valuable shelf space. 

Inside the Cupboard: Hanging measuring cups and spoons from hooks on the inside of a cabinet door. You just freed up a kitchen drawer to hold other things. 

Above the Fridge: Don’t just throw things on top of the fridge. That will look messy. Instead, use build in open shelving to create a great storage area for cutting boards, cookie sheets, cereal and other items. 

DIY Shelf Dividers: Old serving trays can be used as instant shelf dividers in the cabinets, allowing you to store more than one layer of glasses, canned food or other uniform items. 

Above the Sink: If you don’t have a window above your sink, you can use that space to hang pots and pans from a mounted rod. Bonus: the pots and pans can drip dry as they hang.

Corner Shelves: Make use of awkward corners with floating kitchen shelves that take advantage of all usable space.

The Refrigerator Door: Fill round magnetic containers (found in both kitchen supply stores and office supply stores) with spices and attach them to the front of the refrigerator for easy access, an attractive display, and free storage. 

The Empty Spot on the Wall: Peg boards can be painted to match your kitchen and will give you extra storage. Hang utensils and baskets of supplies in this area. 

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