The 12 Step Program to a Dream Kitchen Design

Ready to design your dream kitchen? Follow these twelve steps or decision areas in your planning for a kitchen remodel. You’ll get the redesigned kitchen you want with less stress.
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The 12 Step Program to a Dream Kitchen Design

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Ready to design your dream kitchen? Follow these twelve steps or decision areas in your planning for a kitchen remodel. You’ll get the redesigned kitchen you want with less stress.

Scope of the Kitchen Project

The first thing to do is to establish the scope of your project. Will you simply be redesigning with your existing footprint, or will some expansion of your kitchen need to be completed? What about structural changes? Knowing the answers to these questions up front will reduce your cost and your risk. 

Kitchen Design Budget

The next thing you will need to do is to establish a realistic budget for your new kitchen. What will the project cost? How much will you allow for padding in case you decide on additional upgrades, or if there are unexpected issues and costs? 

The services of a qualified professional, such as a kitchen designer, architect or kitchen installer should be able to help you figure out an appropriate budget for a kitchen remodel. 

Figuring Out Kitchen Function

Kitchens serve many functions including cooking and clean up. A good kitchen may serve as a family gathering place, an entertainment spot and more. How will you use your kitchen? Do you envision many dinner parties with chilled wine, or a cozy eat-in area for every day? Will your children happily do their homework while you prepare dinner, or will the kitchen be the home to a home chef? 

The Kitchen Triangle Floorplan

The industry standard for kitchens calls for the classic work triangle, a three-fold working relationship among the cooktop, sink and refrigerator. However, new options, such as additional cold storage and dishwashers may allow you some flexibility in your design. This can be a good thing, if you are trying to work within an existing footprint. Either way, making sure your kitchen has the right floor plan is very important. 


Gone is the standard one ceiling fixture method of lighting the kitchen. There are many lighting options today. Incorporate both general illumination and task lighting. For an eat-in kitchen, dimmers may be a nice feature that fosters romantic dining. Will new lighting require new electrical wiring need to be run? Confirm that this is included in your design plan. 

Kitchen Design Style

No doubt you may have some sense of the kitchen design style that most appeals to you. Dark or light, contemporary or modern, granite or butcher block, eclectic or precise, are all choices to make in your space. Ultimately, though, the style of your kitchen should fit in with your current home decor and style. 

Countertops, Kitchen Islands and Working Areas

Having ample countertop space to work is important in a well-designed kitchen. Design your kitchen with as much work space as possible around key areas, such as near the sink, near the cooktop and ovens, and next to the refrigerator. These are loading and unloading areas. In addition, a kitchen island may provide additional workspace for food preparation. 

Kitchen Storage

Kitchen storage is often overlooked. Make sure that your dream kitchen includes the storage you need, not only for every day functionality, but also to store your favorite can’t-live-without appliances, gadgets and supplies. Cabinets and drawers are standard, but what about building walk in pantries, or a snack station? 

Accessories and Niceties

Going hand in hand with storage and organization are the accessories that will make your life so much easier.  Typical items to include are extra deep drawers, appliance garages, a trash compactor, a recycling center, built-in spice organizing system, roll out shelves, and pull down or pop up shelves. 


Are all new appliances required, or can existing ones be repurposed with a facelift? There are products out there to change the color or facing of your refrigerator, for example. This may save some of your budget. Of course, when shopping for new appliances, select ones that will suit the space and budget. 


Which materials will you use? Will you splurge on the cabinets and countertops and save costs on the flooring or vice versa? Whatever your design choices, make sure that you select durable and practical materials in key areas, such as the counters and backsplash. Flooring should be both easy to clean and comfortable for standing. 


While selecting materials, you will want to spend some time coordinating these with your fixtures, including sink, and faucets. Upgraded options abound, so you might choose a hot water dispenser, an under-the-sink water filter, a pot filler or more. 

Go through the list and check off each step. At the end, you will have a full featured kitchen design that will reduce the hassle and leave you with a beautiful kitchen to enjoy for years to come. 


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