Organize Your Kitchen Like a Pro

Your kitchen is the central point of your entire house. Kitchen organization is crucial to the overall layout. A kitchen that is disorganized will leave you frustrated. It will take much longer for you to complete cooking tasks when you are spending unnecessary time looking through drawers and cabinets for the correct supplies.
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Organize Your Kitchen Like a Pro

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Your kitchen is the central point of your entire house. Kitchen organization is crucial to the overall layout. A kitchen that is disorganized will leave you frustrated. It will take much longer for you to complete cooking tasks when you are spending unnecessary time looking through drawers and cabinets for the correct supplies.

Take the guess work out of your kitchen organization. There are many ways to organize your kitchen. Hire a professional to tackle this project for you, or install organization systems yourself that meet your family needs.

A common cluttered space in your kitchen is your utensil drawer. If digging through a drawer for a whisk takes more time than actually using it for your recipe, it is time for a change. A drawer organizer is just what you need to get a handle on this common kitchen mistake. Make sure you don’t just throw everything back into that drawer haphazardly. Instead, arrange your utensils so that they are displayed, and you can easily find each utensil with just a glance inside the drawer. This may mean downsizing. Any excess utensils that will not fit into your utensil drawer can be removed permanently or stored in your pantry. Make sure to stock your utensil drawer with only the tools you use most often.

Your pantry is most likely the second most cluttered space in your kitchen. All of your food and odds and ends may get tossed in here, since you can just close the door. Out of sight, out of mind. You may waste precious time finding items when you need them. Take a couple minutes every two weeks or so and go through your pantry to toss out old, expired food. This will save you more space than you realize. 

Try to be conscious of what you purchase when food shopping. Don’t just walk around the grocery store or market aimlessly throwing whatever strikes your fancy into your cart. Shop with a purpose. The more food you purchase with an intent of use, the less expired food you will end up throwing out at the end of the month, and the more money you will save. It is nice to stock up on extra food, but you need to be realistic. After you de-clutter and throw out old food, it is time to reorganize the food you have left. Arrange your food by category, such as cans and boxes, or by the meal such as breakfast or tacos.

For your kitchen cabinets, rollout storage is effective at creating space and allowing everything to be within reach. There are many options when it comes to rollout storage, perfect for any drawer in your kitchen or pantry. They come in handy when you are storing large heavy appliances. Blind spaces will no longer exist with this handy solution. Every item will be in sight and in reach. Rollout storage systems should be in every modern kitchen and can be used to store your cookie sheets and pots and pans. You can install a roll-out spice rack or even a roll out knife block. Every inch of your kitchen can be transformed into useful space.

Lazy Susans are making a comeback these days. The rotating trays can hold items such as oils, vinegars and other cooking ingredients. Use them for sticky materials such as honey; if something spills you will not risk harming the wood in your cabinets. Lazy Susans are no longer just for cabinets. Use them in your pantry to store extra utensils or in your refrigerator. Nothing will ever go unseen from your eyes, and less food will have the opportunity to hide in the back and spoil.

Create a cooking zone in your kitchen where you keep all of your pots and pans as close to your range oven as possible. The more organized your kitchen, the faster you will be able to find everything you need to bake those chocolate chip cookies you have been dreaming about for the past week.

Store containers and lids together. Nothing is more frustrating than losing lids to your plastic containers. You have thirty lids and none of them seem to fit on the container you chose to store your leftover lasagna. Store the lids with the matching container for an easy fix. Now you just have to grab and go. No more rummaging through your cabinets to find a matching set.

Keep shelves looking organized and chic with baskets. Stash unsightly kitchen items in pretty baskets. For your pantry, consider storing like items in clear baskets for quick and easy identification.

Invest in a cart that can transport heavy dishes from your kitchen to your dining room. It is a great way to add extra counter space to your kitchen. You could also store your small appliances on this cart and keep the cart in your pantry until you’re ready to use a device. It would be a great way to get extra cabinet space in your kitchen, when you don’t have to store the appliances in those areas.

Another great way to increase the space in your kitchen is to hang your pots and pans, if your kitchen allows for it. You will free up more drawer and cupboard space and your kitchenware will be easy to reach whenever it is time to prepare a meal for your family and friends.

Consider hanging other items to free up space in your kitchen. Hang aprons, pot holders, and dish towels on pegs. Make sure to mount the pegs at least two feet away from your stove to prevent a potential fire.

The best way to go about organizing your kitchen is to start with a clean slate, one drawer, one cabinet or one cupboard at a time. Pull everything out of the area you are ready to tackle first. Wipe every inch of it down to get rid of any residue or sticky mess that may have developed through the years of cooking. Throw out any broken utensils and expired food. Now would be a good time to reorganize your entire kitchen. With everything pulled out of your cabinets, you may have a better idea of where items should go. Group like items, such as all of your baking items, everyday dishes and glassware or holiday and seasonal items.

Finally, sort through all the papers you may have lying around. Get a magnetic sorter to hang on the side of your refrigerator for takeout menus, coupons and recipes. The more items you get off your counters, the larger and cleaner your kitchen will feel. Store your recipe books in an open shelf. Install a retractable recipe book holder under your overhead cabinets. This will keep a cookbook off the counter and at eye level while cooking, and the holder will retract to hide once you are finished.

Great organization will be a large return on your investment in the future.


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