More Colors For Your Kitchen
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More Colors For Your Kitchen

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The kitchen is the place in your home where all the delicious magic happens. All the colorful fruits and vegetables that you make for your special sauce or desserts are not the only colors that can make an appearance in your kitchen. Give your kitchen the makeover it deserves with some of these color scheme ideas.

Your walls do not have to be white. Seems simple, but the kitchen white walls have been a sacred theme through many kitchens across America, so let’s stray away from the norm and add a punch of new paint. For example, if you have white floors and countertops use an intense blue, which looks black, when the sun shines in on your kitchen and gives that room a pop!

Sometimes adding one new color to the walls is not drastic enough, so coming up with some color combinations for your kitchen is the next step. The key to a successful color combination scheme is allowing the island to be the star. Color the island with a bolder louder color while the walls, cabinets, and decorations are positioned in the background and on the lighter side that plays off of the island.

One fail-proof idea is using two shades of the same color. Sea and sky is a cool theme to go with if you have stainless steel appliances and a dark wooded island. The sea is a deep-blue island, which is the focal area, and coloring the cabinet a sky-hued blue adds more definition.

Sticking with the shade of blue, combinning a greenish-blue and pale-gray gives your kitchen liveliness without it giving off an overwhelming presence. If your kitchen has spectacular architecture, use a mid-tone blue like deep aqua on edges, out linings and cabinet doors to ground the floor and define the ceiling.

 If you have more of a rustic taste, try barn-red and sage-green to bring out the country style in you. These colors are soft and muted tones that compliment one another and go well with the wooded palette cabinets, islands, ceilings, and floors

So the rustic theme is not your thing, go more dramatic with equally intense colors like midnight black and bright red. Use black for the cabinets as it fades into the background and shows off the red island. The backsplash of lighter countertops will break up the density of the two colors and ties it all together

I know hearing the word yellow in your kitchen possibly makes you cringe, but if paired with the right shade, you can pull off something pleasant. Start with a softer yellow and let it play its part in the background while allowing a bright orangered on cabinets and islands to be the center of attention. These two color combos increase your kitchens dimension as well.

Another yellow themed combination is a golden yellow that can be splashed on the cabinets and gives a brightness to boost against a deep blue backdrop.

The kitchen area can get the same color treatment as any other room in your home, for more color schemes tips and ideas, visit



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