Modern Kitchen Features
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Modern Kitchen Features

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Your Kitchen is the heart of your home. It is the place you gather with friends and family. Enhance the look of your kitchen with modern decor upgrades. It will not only benefit the functionality of your kitchen, but also the aesthetic appeal. A well designed kitchen will allow you to cook and prepare food without hindering you. It will allow you to move effortlessly throughout the space.

The secret to a beautiful kitchen is a fresh, neutral color palette. A neutral kitchen can be adapted to any style, from traditional to country to contemporary. It can make any space appear more spacious. Gray is a very popular, neutral color to use in your home, especially in your kitchen. It can give your kitchen a cool, elegant, and modern vibe. Using a neutral color palette as your base, allows you to be more creative when decorating your kitchen for seasons or special occasions. For instance, you could add a pop of color with bright, yellow sunflowers in the fall, or gorgeous pink tulips in the spring. Whatever season you’re in, you can pull colors from the outdoors inside and it will instantly match your kitchen.

The kitchen island is often an overlooked feature. It can be more than just extra counter space. In fact, it can be used to free up your other counter space. A kitchen island is also perfect for extra storage. Also, consider equipping your island with electricity to add other convenience appliances such as a food prep sink or an additional stove top. By selecting a stove top instead of an all-in- one range, you can utilize two separate fuel sources; gas for the stove and electric for the oven, or the other way around. The hood hanging down over the island is a not only functional, but also a great modern look to bring this kitchen design together. The kitchen island can also be a great space to allow for socializing in the kitchen. Adding stools and a sitting area gives your guests a chance to relax and chat as you prepare their meal, or it is a place you can help your children with their homework as you cook dinner.

Lighting is another feature to consider in your kitchen design. The most common mistake most homeowners make is selecting one unit centered in your space to light up the entire kitchen. Layering your different lighting effects is the key to a successfully lit kitchen. Task lighting is important over your counter tops to help prevent injuries as you cook. Mood lighting is to create a laid-back feel, which is essential for your kitchen if it is a primary social space in your home. Recessed lighting that has a dimmable feature is perfect for a softer lighting solution. Under-cabinet lighting can provide task lighting as well as a soft ambient lighting that is easily hidden from view. Accent lighting, for example, can be used to illuminate your glassware when place inside glass cabinets. Your lighting fixtures can also be a fashion statement. They can be sculptures for your ceilings. Have fun with choosing your lighting solutions, don’t be afraid to let them stand out.

Another feature to consider with lighting is the use of natural light. Having lots of windows allows natural sunlight to shine into your kitchen. It is an inviting feature that is often overlooked when planning a kitchen design. Also, the use of skylights is a great way to modernize your space and capture even more sunlight for your kitchen.

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