Kitchen Cabinet Storage Ideas

Think outside the box with clever storage updates that will keep your kitchen cabinets organized, without the kitchen remodel.
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Kitchen Cabinet Storage Ideas

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Think outside the box with clever storage updates that will keep your kitchen cabinets organized, without the kitchen remodel.

Here is a quick guide to different containers, shelves and stands that will work overtime to keep your food staples organized. First up: the link between your shoes and your kitchen.

Shoe Shelves

Consider inserting standard shoe shelves in your larger cabinets. The two levels of these shelves will hold pots, pans, lids and more, keeping everything organized and easily accessible.

Wire Storage Cart

If you have the benefit of kitchen cabinets that feature a walk in pantry, or perhaps just a cozy kitchen corner, consider the use of a wire storage cart with wheels. The cart can be rolled out to load up your groceries and have ingredients handy while cooking; tuck it back away when not in use. A wire storage cart may be best used for heavier staples and non-refrigerated produce. 

Door and Wall Rack

Take advantage of the vertical space on a pantry door or kitchen wall when you install a door and wall rack. While there are many options out there, the best systems contain multiple baskets that can be repositioned as needed. Ideal items to store here are light and not bulky, such as spices, boxes of pasta, and small jars and boxes. 

Plastic Totes

Plastic totes are versatile and can store a wide variety of panty items from snacks to pet food. Be sure to select plastic totes with sturdy lids that fit well. This will allow you to stack these containers for maximum food storage.

Plastic Bins

Unlike plastic totes, specially designed plastic bins can give you immediate access to your pantry items, while stacked This type of container can instantly double your available space, and is best used with small items, such as fruit, cans, seasoning packets, and granola bars. 

Expandable Shelf Risers

Maximize the height of your cabinets and reclaim wasted air space by inserting expandable shelf risers. Choose wire ones for the most durability. Risers will allow you to store items both on top and underneath, doubling the storage space. Expandable risers will allow for a custom fit in your cabinet. 

Clear Food Containers

Always running out of sugar or cereal or flour? Put these items in clear containers so you can tell at a glance how muc product  is left. Choose pretty glass containers and add attractive labels. Not only will they give you needed storage, but they will also look nice on your shelves. 

Tin Canisters

For a lovely vintage look, take advantage of tin canisters to hold odd items such as cookie cutters or chocolate chips. Spray paint the tins and add custom labels, to pull them all together for a customized look that coordinates with your existing kitchen colors. 


Inspired in part by Idiots Guides: Organizing Your Life by Cyndy Aldred.

Image Source: Finer Closets 


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