Five Reasons to Replace Shower Doors

You need a reason to replace your shower doors. We have five
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Five Reasons to Replace Shower Doors

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You need a reason to replace your shower doors. We have five

You need a reason. We have five. 

Impress a Guest: If your old, grimy shower doors are embarrassing you, it is time to replace them. The bathroom is one of the most often used rooms in the house, and guests will think less of your home if they are faced with having to take a shower where the doors are not clean and sparkling. 

Reclaim Some Space: Get an instant space boost in your bathroom when you switch out your old shower doors with new glass enclosures that will give your bathroom a more open and spacious feel. New models of shower doors come in both sliding and pivoting options to accommodate cramped layouts. 

Safety First: Shower doors that wobble may be a safety hazard especially for the very young and the old. Plus replacing shower curtains with glass doors will let in more light for better visibility, as well as offer some protection in case of falls. 

Go Modern: One of the ways to transform that old bathroom into a spa-like space is with a new modern style of shower door. You can do a quick upgrade with impact that will cost much less than a full bathroom remodel. 

Moving On: Selling a home with a dingy bathroom can be tough, since bathrooms are one of the first rooms that influence potential homebuyers. Swapping in a new set of modern shower doors could just make the sale. 


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