DIY Additions For Your Kitchen
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DIY Additions For Your Kitchen

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The kitchen is the heart of your home so giving it a little upgrade is the least you can do this summer. Spruce up your kitchen with a few DIY project ideas. Start off with the walls of your kitchen. You can choose to add a peel-and-stick backsplash with mosaic tiles or leave your walls exposed, it’s all up to your personal feelings. The peel-and-stick kit is easy and pre-mixed so all you have to do is pick the color and pattern and apply.

Keeping your project in the area of the walls, insert a roll of chalkboard paper to make a custom measuring chart. This will give your kitchen a modernized feeling that you can customize the content on a whim.

Try your hand at painting by adding a different color to the cabinets. This weekend project gives your kitchen a whole new look and adds value to your home. Not only can you paint the actual cabinets also try painting or switching out the knobs or drawer pulls.

The faucets can also get a fresh coat of bronze spray for a complete quick makeover that will surely give the sink area a brand new look. You can take this same initiative with appliances that are on display but instead of spray paint cover them with a sheet of stainless steel contact paper. The contact paper is only about five dollars, easy to install and only takes about an hour. This project will give your older outdated appliances like a dishwasher a new modern feel.

Sometimes you don’t have to paint or add a different print to your walls, but arranging pieces in different areas is also an easy upgrade technique. Pots and pans can take up so much space inside the cabinets. Invest in a hanging rack and proceed to place the pots and pans on the rack. This not only frees up more space in your kitchen storage but it also gives off a stylish sentiment to this area of your home.

Be a little different than the rest and go a doorless, doorless cabinet that is. These types of cabinets expose all your beautiful bowls and plates to anyone who steps foot in your kitchen. Visitors will instantly be drawn to them. Go a step further and give the items in the cabinets a decorative backdrop. Line the doorless cabinets with fabric and watch it become the main event.

All of these DIY projects can be brought to life with added light. Show off your new decor with by installing bigger light fixtures that highlight all that you have done. For more tips on DIY projects for your kitchen, visit 


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