10 Ways to Get More Out of Your Dishwasher

Make the most out of this hardworking kitchen appliance with the following ideas.
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10 Ways to Get More Out of Your Dishwasher

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Make the most out of this hardworking kitchen appliance with the following ideas.

Clean More than Dishes: Knick-knacks, small toys and sponges can all be cleaned and sanitized in the dishwasher. Use the top rack for the best results.

Get Plates Cleaner: Load your dishes facing the center. This will get them cleaner than if they all face in one direction.

Prime the Pump: Before starting the dishwasher, turn your hot water faucet on and run the tap until the water is warm to the touch. During the fill cycle, the water will be hot instead of cold, allowing for a more efficient run. 

Freshen Up: Regularly clean the dishwasher by tossing a cup of vinegar in the bottom of the dishwasher and running an empty cycle on the normal setting. Not only will this remove any stray food particles, but it will also remove odors. 

Go Soft: Hard water can affect cleaning and reduce the unusable life expectancy of your dishwasher. Have your water tested and consider installing a water softener if needed. 

Check the Seals: Grime, gunk and soap can build up on the rubber gaskets around the dishwasher seal. First run a damp cloth over these areas and then a dry one to remove residue.

Be Disloyal: If your dishes are not coming out clean, it might not be the fault of the appliance. Switch dishwashing detergent and see if that makes a difference. Keep in mind that even if a detergent brand worked well for you in the past, manufacturers often change formulas. 

Go Easy on the Detergent: While we are on the subject of dishwashing detergent, don’t use too much, or your dishes will be covered in residue. Check the lines inside the detergent cup and only fill enough to clean, or use a dishwashing pod to eliminate the need for measuring. 

Read the Manual: Some dishwasher manuals recommend that you do not rinse dishes before running the dishwasher, or that you use a gel detergent instead of a powder. A simple change from the way you have been doing things might be all it takes to love your dishwasher. 

Check the Drain: We saved the yuckiest fix for last. Sometimes food or even hair will collect in the filter or drain of the dishwasher. Remove the lower rack, then check and clean the filter if needed. 




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