Who said wallpaper was old news?

Many people are in such a rush to get rid of their wallpaper in their home, but why?
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Who said wallpaper was old news?

Interior & Furnishings | Rebecca Focht


Many people are in such a rush to get rid of their wallpaper in their home, but why?

Maybe if you have outdated wallpaper in your home that matches all the furniture in the room (like this terrible one below).

However, wallpaper can be a great touch to any room. Not to mention, there are many different patterns out there to fit your style! Here are 13 examples of wallpaper that tie in the whole room!


This tree wallpaper really makes the room stand out. It adds texture, color and dimension to this room. It also helps the room feel more like they are in a log cabin!


This elegant dining room is completed with artsy wallpaper on just the back wall. This room will certainly still be beautiful if it didn’t have the wallpaper, but doesn’t it just feel like the perfect touch?


Bet you never thought about lining your closet walls with a modern print, did you? Wallpaper is mostly seen in the bedroom or bathroom, however wallpapering your closet is such a unique idea! Imagine how beautiful your closet would look with everything in it and the beautiful glimpse of patterned wallpaper every time you went in!


This bathroom has lime green and white geometric wallpaper. Imagine if the walls were just white, or just one solid color. They would probably look too boring, but this pattern helps tie the bathroom all together!


For someone who likes a lot of color and likes a lot going on, this wallpaper is for them! Its so unique and definitely grabs your attention. You might think this room would look fine without it, but some people need a little extra fun!


This wallpaper is so unique. This black on black leaf pattern looks great against all of the light furniture in the room!


 Hey you, up there! Wallpaper doesn’t always have to be on the walls (ironic right)? Wallpaper can also look great sometimes on the ceiling! Choose a bold pattern like this black and white print and slap it up there and the room will look fantastic!


Imagine this bathroom without the wallpaper. So plain right? This gray and white makes this bathroom so much more fun and happier!


 Not only does this wallpaper look A-MAZ-ING in this bathroom, but it also makes the bathroom look bigger than it already is. The horizontal lines in the wallpaper make this bathroom appear longer. These colors bounce right off of the marble and the stripes do look great as well!


Lacking a little bit of color or fun in a room? Spice it up with a colorful, patterned wallpaper! Some people add colorful pillows, some add rugs, you can add wallpaper!


Lining half of one wall in the kitchen behind the table is the perfect touch. This print is gorgeous and definitely gives this room the spark it needs.


If this was your office, would you ever want to leave? Just kidding! However, this wallpaper would making working a lot more tolerable. Having a beautiful work space would make you feel a lot better, and putting up pretty wallpaper like this one would do the trick!

 Who knew wallpaper could make a bathroom look so elegant? This bathroom is absolutely stunning, and this wallpaper makes it even more stunning. Just the right touch to a perfect bathroom.


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