Which White is Right?

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Which White is Right?

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White is an ideal color for the home. It can lighten and brighten a room or act in tangent with an array of other colors to enhance and define the features of a space. White is an especially good choice for most ceilings, as it visually extends the height of the room.

When you ask for plain white paint, you may be missing out. Subtle hues and undertones can change the look and feel of your room. There are many different variations of white paint available to homeowners these days, more than any other color on the market. To make your white paint selection easier, we’ve assembled some general guidelines and tips.

When selecting white, compare the different tones with a piece of pure white paper. This will allow you to see the different nuances of the paint colors.

If your room faces north and gets little natural light, choose a warmer tone of white. White paint with undertones of cream, peach, pink, tan or yellow will look quite appealing in a northern facing setting.

If you room gets southern exposure, receiving a good amount of natural light, choose a white with cooler tones. White paint with undertones of blue, green or violet will soften and enhance this type of room. While most should stay clear of painting walls stark white, this tone can be especially glaring in a room with plenty of sunlight.

The mood you wish to create in a room can also influence the tones you select. A true white with some blue undertones can make a room feel modern and clean but also cold. It can make bright colored accessories stand out and take center stage. In contrast, white with undertones of cream and yellow will warm up a space. Wood and leather furniture goes well with warm white walls.

Since the intensity of undertones can change when the time of day or object around it change, make sure to test your colors under different circumstances in the room. An easy way to do this is to paint thick poster board, and move it around the room as needed. Don’t skip this step. White reflects all colors, making careful selection important.

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