Modern Flooring Options Can Customize Your Home
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Modern Flooring Options Can Customize Your Home

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Do you prefer the soft feel of carpet under their toes or the classic elegance of a hardwood floor? Have you considered the trendy look of concrete or explored the new laminates, which achieve the look of more expensive materials at a lower cost? Unusual materials, such as rubber and glass are also being manufactured as flooring for the home.

Explore the options and choose the floors that will turn your house into a modern, customized home.


Touch and timeless, a hardwood floor lasts for a long time and, if protected from deep scratches, gains character as it ages. Within the hardwood flooring family, there are a number of options to consider:

  • Species of hardwood
  • Width of the boards
  • Color and staining options
  • Texture of the hardwood floor (from shiny to distressed) •
  • Type (engineered versus solid hardwood)
  • Finish of the hardwood floor.


Color and comfort are the two main reasons for choosing this flooring material. Along with cozy aesthetics, carpeting may insulate the floors and lower the heating bill. Carpet considerations include:

  • Density of the fiber (the closer the pile, the higher the quality)
  • Fiber types (there are five to choose among, from man made to natural)
  • Pad (also known as the cushion or underlay)
  • Pile, or nap (there are four different types and several styles within these types).


An easy choice to make, laminate flooring is durable, easy to clean and can offer the look of other materials for a much lower cost. It is also easy to install for a quick DIY home improvement project.

The number of options in laminate flooring is almost limitless. Here are the choices to review:

  • Texture of the laminate (from the realistic wood graining to the tactile texture of a natural stone surface)
  • Flooring finish (from glossy to matte and everywhere in between)
  • Shape (from planks to squares).


Resilient, easy to maintain and of low cost, vinyl flooring is one of the most popular types of flooring available to homeowners. Soft underfoot, it can be printed in a variety of designs and colors. After choosing a design, the biggest decision to make is deciding among the three forms that are available for vinyl flooring.

  • Sheet vinyl (it comes in rolls)
  • Tiles (easy to install)
  • Planks (for realistic looking hardwood flooring features, such as beveled edges).


One of the most durable options for indoor home flooring, concrete floors can be colored, textured and finished in a number of different ways, making them a stylish choice. One great benefit of a concrete floor, is that it can work well with radiant heating to keep the home warm and lower heating costs. When choosing a concrete floor for the indoors, the selections to make include:

  •  Color (different processes, from integral color to paint) • Surface texture (including stamped concrete options)
  • Aggregates


Environmentally friendly and able to stand up in busy areas, tile flooring can be elegant or rustic, depending on the choices made. There is a lot to decide upon when selecting the right tile for the home.

• Type of tile (ceramic, porcelain and natural stone)
• Size of the tiles
• Shape of the tiles (squares, rectangles and hexagons)
• Grout color and thickness
• Accents (medallions or mosaics)
• Durability ratings (scratch and water resistance, and heavy traffic)


Sleek and sustainable, cork flooring is warm and soft on your feet. It also muffles sound and comes in a variety of designs and colors. There are three additional options for cork floors. Choose the ones that work best for your lifestyle and budget.

  • Durability and wear (larger granules are more durable) • Insulation (the thicker the better)
  • Sealing and finish.


The ultimate in sustainable flooring, a bamboo floor looks like a hardwood floor, but it is much more environmentally friendly. It grows quickly and offers the warmth of a natural material. When selecting a bamboo floor, there are two main areas to decide upon: color treatment and construction. The options are broken down below:

  • Natural bamboo (blonde)
  • Stained bamboo (painted or applied by hand)
  • Carbonized bamboo (carbon dye is infused throughout the bamboo for deeper color,
  • but decreased strength)
  • Horizontal (strips are layered, retaining the authentic look)
  • Vertical (cleaner grain look but less durable)
  • Woven (resin is added to shredded strips, increasing durability)


A colorful option, linoleum is back from the past and enjoying a new surge in popularity. Similar to vinyl but with a slightly higher cost, it is a natural material that is extremely durable and long-lasting. Color and design runs the whole way through the material. Options for a linoleum floor are simple.

  • Sheet linoleum (best installed by professionals)
  • Tile linoleum (offers additional design configurations) 

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