For the Love of Wine

Many of you wine lovers out there have always dreamed of your own wine cellar to store your most prized possession. You may have a bottle from your parent’s wedding, your own wedding, or another memorable event in your life.
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For the Love of Wine

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Many of you wine lovers out there have always dreamed of your own wine cellar to store your most prized possession. You may have a bottle from your parent’s wedding, your own wedding, or another memorable event in your life.

It is time to set aside an entire room for your love of wine. Whether your collection consists of a couple bottles or a couple thousand bottles, a custom wine cellar is the perfect storage solution. Building custom wine storage in your home incorporates many factors that you need to consider. If you plan to store your wine bottles for only a short amount of time, you may want to opt for a wine cooling system. It is a great way to keep wine chilled for serving without filling your refrigerator to maximum capacity. If you plan to store your bottles of wine for an extended period of time to age the wine, a wine cellar is the way to go.

Wine cellars can come in all shapes and sizes. The important factors to consider when building a custom wine cellar—flooring, doors, lighting, temperature, and humidity—are always the same. Choosing the flooring for your wine cellar can leave you with many options. The two options you need to stay away from are carpet and vinyl. Carpet will rot, and the resin that is put down before installing vinyl flooring will remain moist. This makes the floor vulnerable to moving and buckling. Choose a flooring option that can handle a high humidity room well. Good choices are concrete, porcelain tiles, cork, and hardwood Concrete and hardwood need to be sealed to close porous surfaces. Hardwood flooring is a standard option for wine cellars. Create patterns or mosaics with the hardwood floor for a decorative feel. Nothing says, “wine cellar” better than a cork floor. Cork is a natural, durable material, and an eco-friendly option when you are looking to make a small footprint with your wine cellar renovation.

Your wine cellar door may seem like a silly factor to fret over, but let us assure you, it is very important to the life of your delicious wine. You must choose an exterior for this room. An interior door will not keep the temperature consistent inside your wine cellar. If you choose a decorative glass door, it needs to have proper insulation properties.

Low lighting is the perfect atmosphere for your wine cellar. Sunlight can prematurely age your wine. Keeping your wine away from light will help you control the temperature and humidity in your wine cellar. Lighting from your household light bulbs will not damage the wine, but they could fade your labels. Your safest best is to use incandescent bulbs, which emit very small amounts of ultraviolet light. When you’re not in your wine cellar, just keep the lights off for safe measure. Low lighting gives your wine cellar a timeless ambiance for entertaining guests and tasting your wine. Heat is the number one enemy to your wine. Temperatures higher than 70 degrees will trigger your wine to age more quickly than you intend. This will cause you to lose the flavor of your wine. Wine that is stored in an area that is too cold could dry out the cork, allow air to seep into the bottle, and damage the wine. If your wine starts to freeze, the liquid turning into ice could expand enough to push the cork out. Save yourself the nightmare of wine leaking everywhere; the ideal temperature for wine storing is between 45-65 degrees with a humidity temperature of 55-70 percent. 


The final stage of your custom wine cellar is installing wine rack and organizing your wine bottles. Organize your wine bottles any way you see fit. You can organize them by region, sweetness, or color. However you decide to organize your wine cellar, it will be yours. You can show it off to your guests and have you own wine tasting parties in your newly built, custom wine cellar. Always contact a professional contractor before you do any renovations on your home, especially an ambitious room like a wine cooler or cellar.


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