For the Love of Lamps: Salt Rock Lamps
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For the Love of Lamps: Salt Rock Lamps

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You may have seen salt rock lamps in different areas of the home, especially bedrooms. These lamps not only bear a unique lighting but they also evoke healing qualities as well. These lamps are known to reduce symptoms of allergies and help with respiratory and blood systems. Salt rock lamps are also good for anxiety because of the natural glow they produce. They are also said to ease coughing, produce better sleep, and even improve mood and behavior.

Not only are these lamps full of healing properties and benefits, they are also a perfect way to add a natural look to any room. The light these lamps give off can dramatically affect the ambiance of a room. These lamps are perfect for any room including bedrooms, offices and living spaces.  

These interesting lamps are packed with negative ions. Negative ions help neutralize the air, and in turn make it easier to breathe. These mined salt rock lamps come in different shades, but they are all in the pink and orange family. Let the healing and relaxation begin with a salt rock lamp! 


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