DIY Tips to Create a Cozy Bedroom

So many of us neglect bedroom design, because it is often the room that is seldom seen by others. It is time to change that.
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DIY Tips to Create a Cozy Bedroom

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So many of us neglect bedroom design, because it is often the room that is seldom seen by others. It is time to change that.

 Let’s create a cozy bedroom, a sanctuary, a place of rest and peace. It is easier to do than you might think.

Declutter Your Bedroom

Bedrooms tend to be collectors of laundry, discarded books or magazines, toys and more. Many households tuck items that just don’t fit anywhere else into their bedrooms. Unfortunately, decluttering is the first step to a cozy bedroom. It is hard to relax when there are piles of stuff everywhere. Toss what you don’t need and assign new homes to anything that does not belong. 

Apply this “less is more” approach to the walls, as well. Choose no more than two pieces of your favorite art for each wall, and scale them to the space.

Build in Storage Solutions

What do you do when you lighten the load in the bedroom but are still left with items that belong but don’t fit? Address this by adding storage. It might be time to order custom closets or shelving, or upgrade your bedroom furniture. Small changes can also make a big difference. Corral your late-night reading with a pretty basket or store extra linens under the bed.

Don’t forget the night stand or bedside table. You’ll appreciate having somewhere to temporarily put your water, book or glasses.

Add Elements of Your “Dream Bedroom”

Take a moment to envision your dream bedroom. Does it contain a window seat or nook for reading? Does luxury bedding come to mind? What about a fireplace? There are many new options from stand alone fireplaces to wall-mounted fireplaces. Try to incorporate at least one element of your vision into your bedroom. Make it your own. You will be happy that you did. 

Go for the Plush

Doesn’t the idea of sinking into a soft, sumptuous bed seem wonderful? Invest a little extra in a pillow top mattress or feather bed, and a plush comforter. Do the same for the floor near your bed, when you add a huggable run that will feel incredible on bare feet. You will think you are royalty whenever you go to bed. 

Mood Lighting

While you may want to include some task lighting for reading in bed or getting dressed in the morning. The quintessential cozy bedroom always includes dimmed mood lighting for night. You can accomplish this simply, by adding dimmers to your existing bedroom lights or adding subtle light with a low-watt bedroom lamp. 


Entering your bedroom and inhaling the relaxing scent of lavender will instantly make it seem cozy and comfortable. Your stress will melt away, and you will be ready to relax. Try a linen spray, a plug in air freshener, or just a dab of lavender oil on your pillow. Be careful to test the latter in an inconspicuous spot first, because some oils may leave a permanent stain.


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