Dining in Style

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Dining in Style

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Your kitchen may be the central point of your home, but after all the cooking and baking is finished, the dining room is where your guests will dine and relax for hours at end. Get ready to dine in style with your family and friends.

Whether your style is homey or formal, you can update your dining room with the following dining room design tips.

Focus on Color: Add a pop of color to your dining room. This could be an accent wall with a fresh coat of paint, or special chairs for the head of the table. Your pop of color could be found in the rug beneath the table, or in selected wall art around the room. A pop of color works best when paired with neutrals; the neutral color allows your contrasting hue to stand out and draw the eye.

Accessorize: Add accessories to update your decor. Mirrors, modern lighting fixtures, beautiful pieces of wall art or an area rug can enhance your dining room decor. The important tip to remember when adding a number of different accessories and style to your dining room is to unify your room with that color.

Soften the Space: You can always soften your dining room with linens. The color and texture of your table covering will set a certain feel in your room. Chair covers are a great way to add a casual or a formal feel to your room, depending on the chosen style. Covers also have a practical use to them. Just throw them in the wash if any spills happen.

Foster an Eclectic Style: Mix and match your furniture for a unique, cohesive look. When every piece of your dining room furniture is clearly from the same designer, it looks as if your room was set up for a catalog photo shoot. Embrace your space with mixing and matching styles, colors and textures. Your chairs do not need to be the same color or material as your table. All your chairs don’t have to look the same.

Go Antique Chic: A popular trend for dining room decor is an antique chic feel. This incorporates the old with the new. Have a custom-built dining room table made out of an old wooden chest or an old barn door. It will not only look great, but it can be a great way to recycle a beautiful material that might have otherwise been destroyed. Better yet, use a material or an item that has been handed down to you as a family heirloom.

Built-in Beauty: Built-ins turn a mundane dining room into an elegant and sophisticated space. A built-in buffet, china cabinet or bar area will add a custom feature to your home that is aesthetically pleasing and highly functional.

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