Vibrant Spring Mantel Ideas

Welcome the spring season with these fresh, vibrant ideas. A mantel is a perfect place to switch up seasonal decor.
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Vibrant Spring Mantel Ideas

Interior Design Trends | Mikaila Cordeau

Welcome the spring season with these fresh, vibrant ideas. A mantel is a perfect place to switch up seasonal decor.

Tailor each idea to your own personal preferences. Some are DIY and many are very simple ideas that will make switching out for different seasons super easy. A roundup of tips: keep in mind simple is the way to go when decorating your mantel, especially when you want a clean fresh spring look, keep in mind bright spring colors for pops of color (pink, turquoise, green, and yellow), also always add a rustic touch whether it's a wood element or a flower arrangement.


Cute Rustic & Green

This idea has green accessories, which are perfect for spring. They use different shades to provide depth. The rustic touches are with the dark wood frame, wicker basket, the painted dish that has a branch, the photo of cherry blossoms, and lastly the touch of twine on the glass jars. A great way to decorate mantels is sticking with one color and using multiple shades of that color. You can decorate with glassware, serving dishes, and even books. They all add a simple but beautiful way to decorate.


Clean and Crisp with a Pop of Yellow

Another simple, yet beautiful idea is this winner here. The background is a clean white, but the decor is bright pops of yellow. They incorporated the pops of yellow with flowers, a decorative piece, a photo, and glassware full of lemons. They kept the amount of decor minimal to give a clean crisp look. If you want the ultimate clean fresh look stick with minimal decor, and have the majority of the decor white and choose one color to be your pop of color and add only about 4 or 5 pops of that one color, and if you choose to add glassware keep it clear colorless glass.


Rustic White Wash Bird's Song

Birds are singing! An additional element you can add is decor with birds because they are a great symbol of spring. This particular idea has a focal point of a window with window panes. The decor is again a simple white but it spruced up with blue flower arrangements. The whole theme of this mantel is a birdlike theme. The glassware is filled with “nest-like” mixture and mini eggs, there are actual birds, the window is symbolically an embodiment of birds, the birdcage element is also filled with mini colorful eggs, and lastly there is a little nest accessory. The white-wash mantel adds a rustic feel along with the bird elements. Spring is a time to celebrate nature and this is exactly what this mantel does.


Initial Funky Fun

This mantel is a very simple but fun idea. The main focus is the canvas that is painted with a pattern and a bright color then an addition of an initial. The pattern and initial add a funky personal touch. The rest of the decor is very minimal. A springy trophy, a clear vase filled with white flowers, and a stack of books adding height and depth. The bird trophy and cage-like decor is filled with colorful eggs. This simple idea is very fun, which proves a few decorations go a long way. You can paint a canvas in any pattern and color you choose, preferably one that goes with your wall color, or any particular pattern and spring color you find appealing.


Green Fresh & Rustic

These two ideas provide a different take on the same design elements. The first concept is more of a country-homey feel and the second one is a more clean modern feel, but both are accomplished with the same elements. They both use green and wood pieces as accents. A major difference are the focal points. The country-esque one uses a DIY chalkboard idea and the modern concept uses a mirror as the focal point. These elements are great to provide a springtime feel, but you can choose which direction you refer. The clean, chic and modern look, or the welcoming, warm and country feel. Once you decide which direction then you can choose your decor accordingly. The choice will affect your accessories and plant choices. The modern idea goes with clear decor pieces and the country look goes with white pieces. Also the country-chic look has more design elements, while the contemporary look has minimal design pieces.


DIY Project!

A step by step tutorial is linked to our site. [Look up DIY Spring Mantel Decorations on Home and Garden Design Ideas and then click the link for step-by-step instructions and pictures!] A breakdown of the steps: You can hand make the wreath or you can purchase one already finished, you can create the bird-cage art with a stencil (or any design you prefer), Frame a sheet of patterned paper, cut-out the birds or any “springy” animal, add the wood paneling by separate planks or by finding old wood crates that you can break down. Last touches: add a shaped candle, mason jars (any size) and a vase (you can add flowers or leave it bare like the picture)


Transitional Wonder

This is our favorite because of the turquoise and because it is a transitional idea.  This can easily be transformed for summer. Switch the cherry blossoms for sunflowers, and take away the bird figurine and switch it for a shell, or a summery element. This mantel can be broken down to its main pieces and be switched for every season. The pieces: window piece, 2 colored vases, a white vase filled with flowers, a candle holder with a colored candle, and 2 accessories. For fall- change the color scheme and instead of flowers, add a leaf arrangement, and lastly the 2 accessories just need to be fall themed i.e. a rusted piece. For winter- switch the color scheme and add bare branches to the vase, and add 2 winter accessories, and maybe even a fur element. You can see why we love this mantel idea!




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