Using the Retro Colors of 2013

Looking for a way to add new life to your home? Try a retro splash of some of 2013's hottest colors. You can be a just a little bit different while still enjoying contemporary home decor.
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Using the Retro Colors of 2013

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Looking for a way to add new life to your home? Try a retro splash of some of 2013's hottest colors. You can be a just a little bit different while still enjoying contemporary home decor.

From vibrant greens to soothing blues and sleek grays, a cameo from one of these amazing contemporary hues will give a big boost to the appeal of your living spaces. Here are a few to consider for your house. Go just a little bit reto. Go different.

Pantone’s Color of the year for 2013 and that season’s heavy hitter, emerald green, was inspired by the appeal of luxurious precious gemstones and the lush, soothing beauty of nature. “Symbolically, Emerald brings a sense of clarity, renewal and rejuvenation, which is so important in today’s complex world,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®, and the color itself evokes a sensation of calm and regeneration.

Emerald green is great for everything from family and dining areas to powder rooms, and more. It works as an accent color for trim and details like picture frames, or as a covering for an entire wall. In the bathroom, emerald towels provide a comforting touch to the end of a shower, and emerald linens bring a soothing appeal to the bedroom. Emerald also has a lively side that is most noticeable in your naturally green décor - plants. Live, dried, or artificial plants always bring a sensuous vitality to a home, and for a double dose you can put them in an emerald flower pot or basket. This works so well because this green is taken straight from nature.  

Do not shy away from this vibrant color. It may seem overwhelming to you if your style is calmer, but take a chance this spring. If you are intrigued by the color, but just cannot bring yourself to coat an entire wall, simply add splashes here and there throughout your home. Throw pillows and other nonpermanent textiles such as linens, curtains, and rugs are a great way to experiment with the color of the year.

For a cooler, airier decorating motif, try azure blue. Hot enough for industry blog to issue a 2013 “color alert,” blues are also inspired by natural elements like water and the sky. A common choice for bedroom and bathroom walls, sky blues provide a clean, restful atmosphere. Solid blue pieces of furniture or blue upholstery, especially deeper hues, offer an eye-catching modern look to any room. To really unlock the power of blue décor, try arranging multiple shades in the same room, or feature them together on prints or patterns. The result is an overall motif that evokes the seductive movement of water, like ripples of the ocean.

The color blue causes the body to create calming chemicals and is generally associated with stability and depth. Blue is often a great color for a bedroom. Sooth any room of your home with this hue. Blue can make your home feel fresh, cool, and clean during the spring. It lightens up the room and looks great with natural sunlight flooding inside.

Both emerald green and azure blue pair with a third 2013 trending color - gray. Sleek, clean, and subtle, grays add depth and character to your décor without stealing the show from your main color. Gray is also a very versatile color, as shades range from simple charcoal to almost futuristic metallic. Unlike other solid colors or pure whites, grays are easier on the eyes, which create a surprisingly inviting feel. For the best results, use grays to help your most impressive decorative features stand out. Features like a green candle resting on a dark gray tablecloth, or a blue vase on a light gray decorative plate creates a complex visual display that does not overwhelm.

One color that never goes out of style for spring year after year is yellow. Yellow, like emerald green, may seem overwhelming at first if used in large doses. Just like green and blue, yellow is another color taken directly from nature. Yellow is popular during the spring because we have missed the warm sunshine all winter long. We want to feel the warmth of the sun again, and yellow reminds us of that. Splashes of yellow can complement emerald green, azure blue, and of course any shade of gray. Add some yellow with fresh flowers, throw pillows, or curtains. Do not forget to also throw open your windows to allow the natural sunlight to shine through your home.  

Whatever colors you choose to decorate your home this spring, make sure to have fun! Remember, the colors in your house can be as calm or lively as you want them, and the decor choices you make will help guide you toward the energy you want to experience on a daily basis. Your home’s decor should not be a one-time task. Changing your home’s décor is refreshing. You would not wear the same outfit and jewelry every day, why would you let your home continue to show the same décor day after day, year after year? Refresh your home this spring.


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