The Colors of the Year Are Here
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The Colors of the Year Are Here

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The hottest colors of the year have been announced. Learn how these colors are selected, and how they are influencing home decor in 2015. Get the expert advice you need to incorporate these trends into your home, including what to choose, where to splurge, and where to save. We’ll even offer advice on how the colors of the year can be complemented by other shades.  

Pantone Color of the Year 2015

Pantone recently introduced the color of the year, Marsala, described by Pantone as “a naturally robust and earthy wine red.” 

“This is a change from trending colors of years past,” says Leslie Brouillette, the editor of Distinctive Living Magazine, a regional home and garden publication. “In previous years, Pantone brought us brighter colors, such as the Radiant Orchid of 2014, the Emerald of 2013, and the Tangerine Tango of 2013. Marsala is a definite break in this trend.”

“There are many industries looking at the Pantone color of the year for 2015. This color has power. It influences product development and purchasing decisions for the home,” she says. “Everything from window treatments to bathroom sinks are represented in Marsala.” 

According to Pantone, the color of the year is very carefully selected to represent what is currently happening in global culture. “Incorporating Marsala into your home gives you the chance not only to enjoy beautiful home decor, but to be part of something larger,” Brouillette says. “While Marsala is ‘on trend’ for 2015, expect any color of the year to continue to have considerable influence in home for the next three years.”

“Marsala is a pretty color,” says Teresa Tocco-Davenport, owner of Absolute Living Today, a full service residential and commercial interior decorating and design firm in New Jersey. “It is almost like a plum with a little rust to it,” she says. “I see brown in it. I see red. It is a little on the dark side for the spring, but it may be embraced more fully in the fall and winter."

Tocco-Davenport says Marsala offers a lot of options for home decor, especially when used with other complimentary colors. “That color will go nicely with gray. I can even see that with some black. Blacks, and grays and golds, maybe even a soft green. These combinations would work well in the home with Marsala.”

“I can see Marsala being more of an accent or accessory color than I see it being a primary color in the home; however, there are some who would see it work well as an accent wall or as the main color for a small room--an office or bedroom size room,” she says.  “It makes a definite statement, because it is so dark.”

With such as powerful color, Tocco-Davenport recommends “incorporating it mostly with accessories, with pillows and paints and whatever it is that the homeowners are displaying, and with wall decor. Paint is always easy to change. Bring those trendy colors in and change them as you like, but when it comes to color in other areas, following this particular trend could become costly,” she says. 

Three areas of the home where using Marsala should require careful consideration, Tocco-Davenport advises, are furniture, window treatments and large fixtures. “Unless of course you love the color and can see living with it for several years.” 

“A lot of the changes in the colors are great, but with the economy, it can be tough to keep up,” she says. “The typical average individual may not be able to fully embrace the color trends each year, but it is nice to know that there are a lot of options.”

The “Other” Colors of the Year 

“When you are talking about decorating, there is more than one color of the year,” Tocco-Davenport says. She points to the two major paint manufacturers, who each release their own “color of the year” for 2015: Sherman Williams and Benjamin Moore.

Sherman William released Coral Reef (SW 6606) as the 2105 Color of the Year, and describes it as a vivacious hue that is upbeat and optimistic, a combination of pink, orange and red, that celebrates a time of renewal.

“It is a beautiful, optimistic color,” Brouillette says. “It is feminine, but can be easily muted, depending on how you use it in your home.” She expects this color will not only be used for wall paint, but also show up in fun prints and accessories. 

“It blends really nicely with many other colors,” Tocco-Davenport says. “I’m really excited about Coral Reef. It is nice for the springtime, especially for a shore home. It is really a very pretty color.” Praising its versatility, she recommends pairing coral reef with grays or some of the soft greens. “There are a lot of different color families that will complement this color. When you are talking families of colors, the blues, the greens are good... you can even do Coral Reef with a soft yellow.”

The Benjamin Moore 2015 Color of the Year is Guilford Green HC-116, which is part of its Historic Color collection, inspired by historic architecture. Ellen O'Neill, Creative Director at Benjamin Moore reveals Guilford Green was chosen because it can “be the hero or the highlight in any room, enhancing the architectural identity of a space.”

“Guilford Green is part of a toned down pallet that is still fresh. Its monochromatic tone can complement many different design trends, from the traditional to the modern,”  Brouillette says. “It can cover large spaces and be a nice alternative to neutrals.”

Tocco-Davenport suggests that Guilford Green can also be complimentary to neutral shades. “It is a silvery green that works alongside a lot of neutrals,” she says.  “It is really a very pretty color that is warm and cool at the same time. It could go with Benjamin Moore’s Coral Reef, with orchid colors such as the 2014 Pantone Color of the Year, with lilacs, or with soft yellows. There are so many options. You could even bring in some silvers and metalics.” This is one color that homeowners could be comfortable using liberally, Tocco-Davenport says. “Use it all year round. You never get tired of green.”






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Living Room Featuring Marsala Rug

Color of the Year 2015: Marsala

Bedroom Featuring Coral Reef

Bathroom Featuring Guilford Green


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