Rooms To Release Your Creativity
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Rooms To Release Your Creativity

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Empty out your junk drawer, that tightly packed hallway closet and those boxes crammed under the stairs. It’s time to organize and put those knickknacks to good use by designing a craft room. A craft room is the perfect place to perform your DIY projects in a more orderly fashion.

As the name implies, a craft room’s utility is meant to be flexible: the Swiss Army knife of rooms. It’s a multifaceted home office. Some call this the “Mom Cave,” but the multipurpose functionality of this room isn’t going to be relegated to a specific household role. As such, your arsenal needs to be prepared for your next Do-it-Yourself project.

This room will house everything from wrapping paper to a sewing machine to your home library. It’s meant to be a comfortable, fun space to do almost any home project. If you prefer more intense, dirtier projects like cleaning guns or upcycling pallet wood, plan the room accordingly with plastic floor covers and wall mounts for tools.

This room has three essentials: counter space, ample storage, and proper lighting. Most of us will want a chair, a trash can and music speakers added to this list. The simplest place to start is with a home office layout: a desk with ample space for your computer and printer and a comfortable chair.

Corner desks will allow more ample space to research projects on one side while creating them on the other. Larger corner desks may also help prevent accidental spillage from your craft onto the keyboard. If you have a tablet PC but no wall mount, you can use cheap wall putty - typically used for hanging posters in dorm rooms - to safely keep your tablet above your work space at eye level.

Your craft room needs ample storage to keep your organized. The more organized this is, the more likely you are to use it and the more fun you’ll have in there. Since you won’t be scrounging through miscellaneous boxes for that ruler you hadsomeplace, you’ll have more time for your projects. The craft room is meant to be creative, so use different storage methods for your buttons and bottle caps alike. Glass jars will allow you to see what you’ve stored without labels, and give the room a cleaner, classier whereas plastic or cloth containers can be more colorful and easier to replace if damaged.

If you would like this room to be more social, two desks or multiple small tables allow children to do homework or design school projects while you are at your computer desk. The shelves should reflect items both of you can use. It doesn’t hurt to keep a jar of snacks nearby or a bean bag upon which a child may read.

Down to the aesthetics of the room, the wall colors should be vibrant. Researchers in Munich, Germany, believe that green stimulates growth and creativity. If this room is part music studio, the feng shui of purple encourages enlightenment and imagination. Red helps focus while blue promotes relaxation. Personalize your craft room by framing and hanging your kids’ art on the walls alongside family photos. It’s highly suggested to choose a room with a window to keep the space better lit.

Perform research online for design ideas and consider consulting with a home organizing specialist to get their professional eye to help in its creation. However you choose to lay out your craft room, just remember there’s no wrong way to do it as long as you have the space for your creative projects


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