Rainbow is the Way to Go!

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, we rounded up colorful, rainbow ideas for your home to bring you some luck.
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Rainbow is the Way to Go!

Interior Design Trends | Emily Colletta

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, we rounded up colorful, rainbow ideas for your home to bring you some luck.

Colors are a very powerful decor element! Adding colors to any room is the easiest and best way to liven it up. The possibilities for introducing color into a room are diverse. Many people like to go with one, two or even three colors when designing a room but why not throw in all the colors! Rainbow is a cheerful and fun idea to add color to the decor of any room in your home. Although it is commonly thought that the rainbow spectrum is a popular theme for children's rooms, many people disagree. You can be an adult and desire to have a burst of color in your space. Some like to decorate a whole room rainbow while others like to add a simple rainbow accent decoration to slightly brighten up their room. The great thing about having rainbow as a base color is that anything you want to decorate with is guaranteed to match! Here are some great ideas on how to add rainbow colors into your decor.


This rainbow inspired interior and rugs are an awesome way to brighten up any room! This is a more dramatic look because of all the different colors and it would be great if you’re really looking to brighten up a room.


Rainbow bedding is a fun way to illuminate your room. If you like to keep your room more on the simpler side but still want to add some color, this bedding would be a substantial idea for you! It’s not too much but it definitely will bring a pop of different colors into your bedroom. It will also give you a very contemporary and colorful feel!


Add a pixel wall to your living room! This modern styled living room looks beautiful with this rainbow pixel wall. It adds color without being too much. The cool thing about this pixel wall is you have the ability to change the colors or the design to however you would like. This would be a fun and unique way to decorate your living room!


If you’re looking to add just a hint of rainbow colors this heart-shaped wall decoration is considerable for you! It’s simple and will add just the right amount of color to your room. What’s awesome about this little wall decoration is that it is something you can make for yourself at home!


Rainbow kitchens are an interesting design prospect. One of the most striking ways to add color to your kitchen is to install a wide variety of bright kitchen cabinets. This modern kitchen looks cheerful and simple while adding many different colors.


How cool are these rainbow stairs? Walking up these stairs will immediately shift your energy! These stairs are super amusing and will bring a cheerful vibe into your house.


A bookshelf  looks great in any room, whether it's an office, bedroom or even your living room. This bookshelf would be a fabulous idea if you’re looking to add a simple yet bold pop of color into your room.


Brighten up your child’s playroom with bright rainbow wallpaper and rainbow interiors! This will make the playroom look noticeably more happy and exciting. Don’t be afraid to make everything colorful! The more colors the better!


A rainbow hanging chair! What’s better than that? There’s no place better to curl up and be in your own little world. This chair will create a definite “WOW” factor in ay home, especially because of how colorful it is. The chair would look great in a modern living room, a kid’s room or even in your basement!


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