Pretty in Pink

When it comes to decorating, the lovely color of pink is all grown up.
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Pretty in Pink

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When it comes to decorating, the lovely color of pink is all grown up.

When it comes to decorating, this lovely color is all grown up. Bright bubble gum, traditional rose, and modern shades of coral all have a place in sophisticated home decor. Imparting an instant sense of femininity, professional interior decorators are using pink in unexpected ways, such as in this kitchen.

Mosaic tile bathroom with pink accents 

This is not your grandmother's pink bathroom. Small square tile in coordinating shades are off-set by a brilliant modern pink glass sink and orchid accent wall. Lightly tinted floors and wall match perfectly, while keeping the space from being overwhelmed by color. 



Bring romance and whimsy to an otherwise neutral space when you add a bold and unexpected bit of pink, such as with this pendant lamp by We Got Lites. The bit of bling is reminscent of old hollywood style, modernized by the graphic pattern on the shade. 


A pink pop of color, in the form of an orchid ottoman, transforms this living room into a finished space, while also serving as a conversation piece. Touches of the same pink are picked up in both the artwork and the fresh cut roses. 


When you want to make a bold statement in your kitchen, but red seems too overpowering, consider a dark shade of coral that will look beautiful when paired with softer shades. 



This bedroom proves that pink can be the height of sophistication. Using various rich shades of pink that border on  purple creates a warm oasis that softens a modern look. 


If you are unsure how to get started when decorating with pink, consider some art, hung on neutral walls. The burst of color will enchant your decor without being overwhelming. Changing out art and accessories is a wonderful way to try out a style without the need to significant investment. 




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