Pixel Art and the Flair of Geek Chic

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Pixel Art and the Flair of Geek Chic

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Almost anyone who grew up within the last 40 years is familiar with pixels, whether they played Pac-Man in the arcade, Super Mario Bros. on their Nintendo 64, or Castlevania on their Game Boy. Pixels have since become relevant again with Minecraft, an open-world game that has swept the nation. They are even the subject of the latest movie Pixels (2015) starring Adam Sandler! Pixelated art is both retro and new, so embrace your geek chic and jump on this design trend while it's hot. You will not be disappointed by the results!



Minecraft Inspired Bed Set

Surprise your kids by bringing their favorite game to life with this bed set!



Totes Pixelated

You can help the environment by grocery shopping with tote bags, but why opt for boring bags when you can add some fun pixel flair?



Retro Pixel Wall Art

Create a sense of nostalgia with retro wall art like this piece which features the Ghosts from the arcade game Pac Man!



Pixel Furniture

Create an interesting 3D effect with pixelated furniture. Use either colorful or muted tones based on what better matches your personal style.



Colorful Pixelated Wall Design

Add texture and vibrant color to drab walls with pixels to truly bring your room to life!



Walking on Pixels

Add much needed decor to your floor with pixelated rugs of varying colors and design schemes.



Pillows with Large Pixel Design

Is your room missing something? Then accent your room with cushions like these throw pillows from Zuzunaga!



Pillows with Small Pixel Design

Don't like large pixel designs? Try cushions with smaller pixels like this pillow by Missoni Lobos!



Add Some (Videogame) Character(s)

Wow your kids by turning them into their own video game characters! Capture them with pixel wall art.



3D Pixels

Instead of just creating a 3D effect with pixel art, you can own actual 3D pixel furniture like this expertly designed chair.



Welcome Pixels into into your World

Become your own video game character with a pixelated living room set!



Geek Chic

Embrace your inner retro-gaming geek with this classic game cartridge wallpaper



Oversize Pixel Wall Art

Add some character and originality to your interior design with interesting pixelated wall art.



Stylish Pixelated Bedding

Pixelated designs do not have to be so busy and rainbow colored. Try a pixelated design with a limited color scheme to fit your style!








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