Oversize Art Takes Center Stage

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Oversize Art Takes Center Stage

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Many overlook the possibilities of oversize art when decorating their home even though the art adds a splash of color to plain rooms, accentuates existing color scheme and overall brings a room to life. It is now time for oversize art to rightfully take center stage in interior design. Take some tips from the following examples of oversize wall art to use in your own home. You might just transform a room for the better.



Cool Shapes

Add character to a plain room with interesting geometric designs.



Personal Touch

Use wall art to showcase your personal interests or personal asthetic such as is done in this example with a map of Paris.



A Splash of Color

A great placement of oversize art is over a couch, an area that is most often left bare. Take that bare space and add some color to a room with muted tones



Match to Your Accents

Match your oversize art to your room accents such as throw pillows.



Accentuate the Gray 

Rather than add color to a dull room, you can accentuate the gray with dynamic, textured wall art.



Small Spaces

Make use of small, bare spaces with oversize wall art.



The Center of Attention

Be creative with your choice of artwork and its placement. Make the oversize art the center of the room while adding some much needed color to a dull room



Bring It All Together

Choose wall art that goes with both the color of your furniture and the color of your accent pieces.



Themes and Schemes

Use oversize wall art to create a unique theme or color scheme for your room. Build the room around the art.



Express Yourself

Showcase your sense of imagination and creativity with oversize wall art.



Compliments to You

Remember that you do not have to match wall art to an existing color scheme. Consider using complimentary colors such as in the following combination of pale yellow oversize wall art and a wine colored sectional.



Ordered Disorder

Add color, character, and dysfunction to an otherwise put-together room. It's nice to be unpredictable sometimes!






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