Organization and Storage Ideas for Small Spaces
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Organization and Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

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Clear your clutter and get more organized this month. Having a more organized home can give you and your family a clear mind and a productive household. Let’s face it, we all deal with clutter and excess things lying around our rooms. That’s ok, we’re only human; but if there is a smarter way to keep that clutter to look more transparent we should take advantage of it. Adding more storage solutions in your small rooms will make will help give off that clean, calm and relaxed feel. You may not know where to start and storage in small spaces can become complicated; but with these next few tips you may find some relief.

For your clutter in that small guest room, the more storage solutions you can find, the cleaner and calmer your rooms will feel. Install small rectangular or cubed shelf units for an open storage look. Having shelfs can keep a lot of that mess off the floor which will give your room more valuable space that will give it a resh look. Instead of shelves on your wall, you can add a narrow nook with narrow shelves which will give your room even more space for storage of books and nick-nags. Adding a light over the open spaces can really add to the aesthetic aspect of the room; creating a warm, spotless feel.

Who would think your doors could be a platform for storage? Your doors are a hotspot for cleanliness in any small room. Adding a tall, adjustable shelf rod that can hold wire baskets or a plastic or metal pre-assembled door rack is perfect for your kitchen, your bathroom or any of your bedrooms. Before you add these storage racks make sure your door is clear and has enough room to be able to close shut.


Another great product that your can store behind any door in your house would be a peg board. With a modern peg board, you may be able to avoid the whole “dressdown” door. You can become more creative with hanging a peg board to your small room door. You can add fancy hooks and slots for things like your craft supplies, totes, scarfs and a white board. Creativity and design with back door units are endless and may just be what your small disorderly room needs.

Your bedroom or your child’s bedroom seems like it can never be fully organized and clean right? Well, the ultimate “Storage Bed” is something brilliant that may change your entire outlook on organization in small spaces. Think about switching your regular bed to a storage bed. These ensembles come in several different styles and designs that you can easily purchase one that will correspond to your rooms decor. They are perfect for storage because the storage area is attached right to the bedframe and can hold a overabundance of things.

For the typical busy home that doesn’t have the exact ideal space for all your things, rolling carts can be a great way to organize. Rolling carts are small and can easily be moved out of the way when not in use. You can put small storage bins stacked on top of each other which will save you space in any room.

Just remember, even if you have a small place, you can still make a big difference in your home by organizing your clutter. The benefits of organization may just be the key to your best home yet! 


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