Offbeat Gardens
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Offbeat Gardens

Interior Design Trends | HGDI ADMIN

Gardens do not have to just consist of typical flowers planted in the ground surrounded by bushes. Try something new and literally step out of the flower box and into a new kind of landscape! Here are five ideas for you to try regardless if you have a large lawn, urban rooftop, desert weather or a small space. You can beautify your home with flowers and greenery in a fun and unique way.

1. Choose A Stacked Herb Garden Start off simple with this simple DIY garden. Stack planters into one another so it doesn’t take up a lot of space. You can put these virtually anywhere around your yard or house. You can plant herbs in them, or your choice of flowers.

2. Choose An Odd Planter Place your plants into something different, other than the ground or an ordinary pot. Using old pieces of furniture like vanities or desks can add a really unique element to your garden. The drawers can be pulled out and filled to be over flowing with vines and flowers.

3. Butterfly Garden Butterfly gardens are growing in popularity for their beauty and for their sustainable qualities that help feed butterflies and humming birds. These gardens usually consist of plants such as Buddleia, Viburnum, Zinnia and Aster. Just be sure not to use pesticides or you could harm the butterflies.

4. Water Garden Try something completely different from flowers and go with a water feature. A garden like this can be just as beautiful with the calming water and glass-like appearance.

5. Vertical Garden Why not go up? Planting greenery vertically is out of the ordinary and leaves you with more ground space. These gardens are ideal for small spaces or alley ways. They also make great privacy walls.


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