Love Your Body - Start with Your Home Gym
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Love Your Body - Start with Your Home Gym

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Adding a home gym will be an investment you fall in love with. You should love the space you workout in. It should be a good distraction from the intense workouts that will follow. So celebrate yourself in your own personal in-home gyms. There is not a single person to worry about in these intimate spaces other than yourself and maybe a friend for support.


Indoor- Outdoor

Having an indoor-outdoor gym is a genius idea for those of you that love the outdoors. You get a great view and you can incorporate indoor and outdoor workouts into your routine. Also you get the access of fresh air to help you push through your workouts.


All About the View

These are a little different from the indoor-outdoor idea because you cannot really bring your workouts outside. These ideas focus on just the view. For example, just leading to a patio or balcony, or large floor to ceiling windows.


Small Space

This all-in-one gym machine is perfect for a small space that you want to have an exercise section, but do not have the space large enough to have a lot of equipment and still want to get a full workout. There’s no need to have to compromise in your personal gym.



These ideas are top-of-the-line, gorgeous masterpieces. The extravagant little details make all the difference. Think large, think grand, and think beautiful chandelier. They focus on the experience, not particularly the equipment. You can add an indoor spa in these ideas. They are usually topped with unique style elements. In these home gym ideas, the design is the key. There is an emphasis on entertainment, for others and yourself.


Brighten Up

If you do not have a lot of natural light in your space you can spice it up with bright, bold colored walls and patterned carpet. Yellow is a color that emphasizes happiness. Patterned carpet adds a unique style element. In the idea pictured above, there is lots of natural light and wall mirrors on top of the bright colored walls so it makes the room a center of light and brightness.


Exposed Wood Beams

This rustic idea has been trending in every room. Having it in your personal in-home gym makes your room appear larger, it will give you something to focus on while you workout, and it makes your gym trendy and unique.



Transitional gyms are great for those who want to save space or want to have many options and opportunities to workout throughout the day. You get a change of scenery, which can motivate you to workout more. For example, having gym equipment behind your couch sectional in your living room will motivate you to workout while you watch television. Adding equipment in your bathroom adds access and right after you build up a sweat you can jump in the shower.


Loft Gym

Having a loft gym is a great trendy addition. In this picture the staircase is a silver contemporary touch, which is the embodiment of a loft gym. It gives you a private place for your workout.


Not Your Typical Gym

Many of these ideas could be considered unconventional, but with these ideas they really are their own category. What makes them so unique is room structure. They are either an odd shaped room, domed ceiling, or the walls themselves are unique. These ideas will set your gym apart from the rest.


Simply Chic

If all of the unconventional ideas are just too much for you, but you still want a style element, then simply chic is your category. These have just a touch of uniqueness, and enough to still be considered simplistic beauty. For example, in these pictures, adding a chandelier or adding colorful gym equipment can make your custom home gym stand out.


Natural Light

A great way to get you to want to workout is by having lots of natural light. It will boost your mood, energy, and your workout. So consider creating your home gym in a room with lots of natural light exposure.



Add a mat under your equipment so you don't scratch your floors.


If you want to be unique, a great way to add color to your gym at home is through the equipment. Stay away from the boring colorless machines.


Substitute a dining room space for a gym space! 


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