Laundry Room Clean Up
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Laundry Room Clean Up

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Stop hiding that laundry room from your guests and update this room with a contemporary look that will add a little zest to this dull chore. Who knew colors could be so powerful for a laundry room. Colors can really set the mood for you and your house company. Colorful accents like yellow and blue can brighten up that gloomy, sometimes unappealing, room and make it more inviting. You could also use neutral colors to tone down the area; like, grays and light blues, making it more pleasing to the eye.

Placing modern cabinets around your washer and dryer is a very useful tool to organize your washing and drying products. Freshen up those cabinets and dingy walls with a fresh white paint. Using this fresh white color, you can accent it with a light gray or deep navy blue to help your cabinets really pop. You don’t want to take away a lot of your floor space, so placing your cabinets as close to the ceiling as possible could be a good idea for your room. Adding new tile pieces between your washer/dryer unit and your cabinets above will give your laundry room a stylish boost.

You could go a completely different way with your cabinetry by getting wood-finished or glass-fronted cabinets. If your want a warmer, country, homey feel but still want to stay classy you can add dark mahogany wooden cabinets. Going for a more modernized look, by adding glassfronted cabinets, you will bring your laundry room elegance and sophistication. Adding a small dim light in these glass cabinets will highlight your clean towels/clothes and not push your guests away from the area.

Adding stone or marble countertops over your laundry components is another way to integrate organization and style in your laundry room. This will give you more room to fold clothes and put things away in a timely manner.

Another new trend to spice that room up is going for more of a ‘galley-style’ type of room. Having a sink and washer/dryer along the same wall makes things a lot easier and sometimes cheaper regarding plumbing.

Wood-finished cabinetry helps integrate a workspace into the rest of the house when hiding it away is not an option. The glassfronted cabinets make it easy to find supplies and help make the space a bit more elegant than a standard laundry room.

Laundry rooms may be the most hardworking room in the house, but it doesn’t mean they need to be tucked away. Renovate your old laundry room and be proud of the new design and style!


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