How to Add the Colors of Fall to your Home
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How to Add the Colors of Fall to your Home

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The colors of fall are warm, welcoming and will add visual delight to your home. The golden yellows and vivid reds of maple leaves revealing their secrets, the vibrant bounty of burnished copper and gold, the harvest of pumpkin and purple, all combine to create one of the most versatile color palettes you can discover for your home. It doesn’t matter whether your design style is traditional or eclectic, bold or subdued, you will love adding these hues to your home. Mother nature is an expert with color.

The change from summer to autumn brings with it a change of atmosphere, a change of pace, a change of activity. The crisp air adds effusions of energy to the home, while at the same time encouraging us to just slow down and settle in to our homes. Most of us can’t help but feel invigorated by the season. We can take advantage of this and bring both the encouragement and the comfort of fall into our home.

There are two different ways to add the colors of fall to your home, seasonally or as part of a more permanent interior design. If your current decor is neutral, you have the easy option of either approach, but know that a touch of fall can be blended into almost any current home color scheme.

Start by bringing in some natural autumn touches into your home. Soft orange pumpkins, golden gourds and bright fall flowers, set in an entryway instantly add seasonal flavor and a warm welcome. Make the design element more striking: displaying these products of nature’s bounty using the rustic barrels, crates and boxes that are easily found at farmer’s markets and flea markets, two more staples of autumn.

. Additional fall arrangements can be placed on a fireplace mantle, as a centerpiece for dining, on high tables and side tables, and lining the porch or the walk. Don’t forget the traditional fall wreath on the door. Forge a unique path by combining bright yellows with purple, or including the dark green leaves of the forest floor.

Pull out the cozy throw for the sofa, and add in some new pillows. A solid cranberry red will carry you through fall and into the winter season, but don’t be afraid to consider a combination of pillows and throws that also include the tones of chocolate brown, rich gold or deep green. Carry these colors to the kitchen and bath, where bright, plush towels can welcome any guest or family member, continuing to wrap all in the visual of the season. In any room, replace current displays with seasonal artwork. Finally, switch out those white and light summer candles with the rich hues and scents of pumpkin and spice.

What if you are ready to embrace the fall pallet for your permanent home decor? Wonderful! Autumn is the perfect time for fresh paint and decorating. Open your windows to the gentle fall breezes and let the season work its magic.

Rich traditional dark woods and old-world brown leather work well against a backdrop of cheery orange, rust-red or soft gold. Choose to paint an accent wall or turn adventurous and complete an entire room. A striped rug that brings in your favorite autumn hues can form your basic color scheme from which all other design elements are drawn. An eclectic style might include whimsical twig furniture and a bed painted the yellow of a chinese silk robe, all golden lemon with a touch of mustard that is reminiscent of the touch of sunlight on a fluttering yellow leaf.

Bright fall colors, such as orange and red can be easily complimented by a soft cream, especially in the kitchen or dining area, where the hue will stimulate appetite and encourage conversation. For a conservative approach, don’t shy away from these colors but use them to create eye-catching touches that compliment. For example, you might paint wall sconces or a classic five-arm chandelier in a high gloss red and top the lights with cream-colored shades. Fall can be warm and glamorous at the same time.


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