Holidays at Home: What Every Sophisticated House Needs for a Season of Entertaining
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Holidays at Home: What Every Sophisticated House Needs for a Season of Entertaining

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The crackling fire lends a warm glow to the living room, as the inviting smells of cranberry and cinnamon waft from the carefully placed candles. The table is set, plates of good things sit warming in the oven, and the sparkling tree awaits admirers to gasp at its splendor. This is a sophisticated home ready for a merry season of entertaining. 

Guests are greeted and made comfortable. Drinks in hand, they are invited to explore a very special area of the home that was carefully planned for evenings of fun and friends. It will be a night the guests will not forget.

Stepping over the threshold, those lucky enough to have been invited grow animated and chat among themselves. Who is ready for a pool tournament and the expected bragging rights? Far from the dated tables of yesteryear, the privileged play pool on cream felt surrounded by rich inlaid burl wood. Envy sets in, and discussion surrounds the alternate merits of a pool table, that features instead, blue felt set in chrome.

The younger set are drawn to the state-of-the-art home theater system. A favorite holiday movie is featured in a way never seen before. On the crisp screen, a snowman’s beard sparkles in the winter moonlight, and the hostess drifts in with some deliciously salted popcorn. A father smiles and sinks into a buttery leather theater chair, ruffles the hair of the boy closest to him and wonders how long it will be before the 60-inch screen shows the sharp detail of the game ball flying fast across the turf. He can’t help but admire the whole set up. The sound system alone...After ten minutes, he gets up and wanders over to the home bar. 

The small round lights set into the custom home bar ceiling illuminate the dark bar surface, sleek and yet warm. The man settles himself into a custom bar stool. He had a hard time deciding where to sit. Each chair is finished with a cushioned seat in a different tone. He was always partial to red, but the white and brown cowhide...well, never mind, his attention becomes drawn to the back of the bar, where an assortment of the finest is displayed on sophisticated glass and wooden shelves. The soft lighting highlights the vintage wine. The host enters the bar through a hidden side door and offers his guest the chance to step behind and check out the soft-close door on the mini fridge, where the beer is kept perfectly chilled.

These are the little things that set this house apart from all the others. A few key elements, and the home is custom made for sophisticated entertaining, the gathering of friends, the closing of deals, the making of memories. The investments made on this night will last for a lifetime.


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