Guest Bedroom Ideas
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Guest Bedroom Ideas

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Overwhelmed with your in-laws coming to stay for a few weeks? Breathe and stay calm with these guest bedroom ideas. Keep them comfortable and cozy in the guest room by renovating your extra room. First and foremost, clean and declutter the area, if not done already. This is a basic tool but at the same time it is the most important. Unexpected guests may tell you the week before that they are coming to stay. Gather some storage bins and get rid of any junk laying around. Clean your pillows, bedding, and any extra blankets to perfection.

Scrubbing the side table and walls will help the room glisten that much more. Keeping most personal items out of the room is essential; this will give your guests a clean and fresh stay with open space. Remember that bedding can lose its fresh smell hidden in a linen closet for months and sometimes years. Be sure to thoroughly wash all items flawlessly and assure the bedding is set up cohesively. White sheets, quilts and blankets are a good idea to brighten up your guest room and they are easy to bleach to look like new.

Accent pillows are a wonderful way to liven up any guest room; making your guest feel more at home. You can buy a medium to large craft-like basket and place it at the bottom of the bed and fill it with colorful pillows which will accent the white bedding.

Lighting near the bed is an absolute must for any guest room. It doesn’t matter if you have overhead lighting, a nice small light on a side table is an essential. Many of your guests may like to read or look over receipts or bills before they go to bed. Do not use a harsh bright light for the side table; go with a medium to low light bulb to give the relaxed effect all while giving sufficient light to see. On that important side table, next to your lamp you can add a clock. Choose a modern or antique clock for whatever design and style you are going for in the room. Even though most of us don’t need a traditional clock since we all have our smart phones, some people may appreciate the essence of falling asleep or waking up to a large, more visually appealing, clock next to them.

Lastly, by adding personal embellishments like flowers, bright green weeds and small baby cacti, you can give your guest room a night feeling out being outside while inside. Also, making a small goodie basket for your guest to leave with is a nice gesture. Putting a basket filled with chocolate candies, smoked almonds and nuts, granola bars and some small-sized water bottles is a wonderful way to make your vistors stay more satisfying.


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