Go for the Gold: Home Accessories Get Glam

Everything that glitters can be gold when you embrace the glam look.
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Go for the Gold: Home Accessories Get Glam

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Everything that glitters can be gold when you embrace the glam look.

The right golden accessory can bring any room up a notch. The secret is to select pieces that add to your look, without overpowering the existing decor. Too much of a good thing can be, well, too much. 

HomeandGardenDesignIdeas.com has collected several home accessories that may offer just the right touches for this lovely gold trend. Of course, if you can't find just the right pieces, use these ideas as inspiration.  Metallic-gold spray paint can turn anything old to gold. This is one trend that is not too shabby. 

Stylish Gold Cart

Bring a little bling into the room whenever you use this gold serving cart brought to us by MatthewIzzo. Now all you need to do is add a bit of gold dust to that martini to feel like 007. 


Luxurious Gold Damask Pillows

The elegant texture of damask quietly shows to full advantage in gold, proving that the good life is also quite comfortable. These pillows are currently available through ArtsyHome.



Delightful Doorknobs

Old world homes often featured elaborate doorknobs and bobs, especially on doors to rooms of special significance. These ceramic doorknobs in striking black and gold by Charleston Knob Company will have guests wondering what could be going on behind closed doors.  


Golden Owls

Two owls stand sentry lends a golden touch to any mantle or table. The elegance of this piece by Jay Strongwater is evident in the stance of the creatures, as well as in the turning of the matching frame. 


Red Lined Gold Lamp

The modern design of this lamp by Amel Designs proves that gold does not have to be old fashioned. The vivid red contrasts to bring out the best of of both hues, which in turn work perfectly with the box shape of the piece. 



Image Source: Gold Cart, Damask Pillows, Black and Gold Knob, Golden Owls, Red Lined Gold Lamp


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