Five Fun Frames to Craft Today

Gather your supplies, warm up some cider and complete one or more of these fun DIY home decor projects.
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Five Fun Frames to Craft Today

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Gather your supplies, warm up some cider and complete one or more of these fun DIY home decor projects.

Love is All You Need

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Gather four frames of similar look. Varying the sizes slightly will add more interest.

Cut the pages of an old book (or photocopy pages) to fit.

Print and cut out lower case letters l-o-v-e and glue to the front of the book pages.

Frame and enjoy. 

You can adapt this craft to spell out any favorite word or phrase. 

Fall Dimensions

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Frame an attractive piece of craft paper in a round or oval frame. 

Cut a small craft pumpkin in half and attach it to the glass using craft glue.

Add silk leaves for dimension and interest. 

You can adapt this craft by attaching craft butterflies, bats, flowers or any fun finds. 

Fall's Bounty

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Remove the glass from an ornate frame and paint the frame a rich fall color. Allow the frame to dry.

Nail small upholstery nails or small hooks in the upper part of the frame, one on each side. 

Using hot glue, attach silk craft leaves to an orange ribbon, cut to length for your frame. Bunch the leaves in places, for the best effect.

Drape the leaf banner across the nails or hooks and tie a knot at each end to secure. Allow the garland to drape slightly.  

You can enjoy the frame as is, or attach addtional decoration, such as a berry garland or more leaves. 

Pumpkin Playground

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Just a few supplies from the craft store is all you need for this fun fall decor.

Attach a piece of burlap to a piece of cardboard fitted to your frame. (Most photo frames come with cardboard you can use.)

Using a pumpkin craft punch, punch out sixteen paper pumpkins from scrapbook paper.

Using glue dots, attach the paper pumpkins to the burlap in a grid pattern.

For extra interest, spell out the word "pumpkins" with scrabble tiles, and attach them underneath the paper pumpkins. Scrabble ties for crafting can be found at your local craft supply store or ordered online. 

Frame your lovely creation and enjoy!


Showcase Your Favorite Photos

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A rustic frame is a wonderful find that should not go to waste. Use one to create a platform to showcase your favorite family photos. 

Remove any glass and backing from your frame. 

Use decorative upholstery nails and nail them into the front of your frame, four on each long side of your frame, across from each other. 

String cord across the frame and tie to the nails to creat four stretches of cord. Keep the cord taught. 

Attach old photos (or print new ones) to the cord using clothespins. You may wish to antique the clothespins with a black paint wash, or leave them natural.


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