Fill Your Home With Earth Tones
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Fill Your Home With Earth Tones

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Sometimes bright colors can be overpowering in certain rooms. Bring your home back down to Earth by filling
it with earth tones. The Earthy colors, such as brown, tan, green, etc., will give any room in your home the relaxing touch you
are looking for. Decorating your home in Earthy colors gives you so many opportunities to be creative and add accessories
to any space. The Earth tones that fill your rooms give you chances to add some bright colored accents throughout certain
areas. Add your touch to make your earthy toned spaces unique to your home.


This modern kitchen is filled with many different colors and patterns. Placing a creamy, green table adds the Earth element to balance out the bright colors.


This Earth toned living room is completed with gray furniture and green accents. The brown walls and floral area rug complete this earthy look.


This living room is the ultimate look for the Earth toned look. The mixture of earthy colors is pulled together to create an Earthy living room.


This living room is filled with tan colors. The color scheme is a subtle Earthy look, and the natural light brings out those colors even more.


This open living room is painted in a green tone with tan furniture. These colors combined together leave room for accented colors, such as red, to be placed throughout the room.


This green living room gives you the feeling of fresh and new. The colors resemble plants, which makes this space soothing


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